Monday, October 28, 2013

I got the bug....

...SO BAD this week... like death by puking happened to me this week and it was the worst. I woke up at 12:30 and got sick every 15 minutes until 4am... then it was every 30 minutes until 10am. I've never thrown up so much in my life. remember how the MTC forced the flu shot on me even though I don't believe in that crap? YEP PROOF IT DOESN'T WORK. aaaaanyways. I'm SO GRATEFUL to be feeling better now. The thing about a mission, is time doesn't feel like it's yours. I'm on the Lord's time... so being sick? SUCH A WASTE OF TIME. And you have a companion that's all relying on you and can't leave you so you just feel helpless and horrible. GAH. I'm grateful that my sisters in Burley took care of me. Sister Wright stayed up with me that night and kept checking my temp and then Sis Dodds and Sis Bly came and made me drink jello water? never heard of that trick before but it seemed to help. they brought me doTERRA and oiled me up and put me to bed haha. The next day, a sister from our ward made me a miracle herbthat healed me. i've found a few natural healin hippie sistas out here and i just love them and ask them to teach me their ways. aaaand i was afraid this mission would change me! HA.

aaaaaaaaaaanyways. Miss Jenna got baptized this week and it was awesome!! Me and Sister Wright gave the talks and every time we asked her a question, she had the most witty answer.... she was quite the comic relief and it just made me love her even more!

we had a mission conference in Twin Falls this week and it was SO good. like so good. Elder Cardon of the Seventy was visiting and he taught us a lot. He was bold and straight forward in his teaching and it was powerful. he taught us a lot about our calling, our assignment, and about conversion. it was the best! we had a fireside with him on Fridaynight and it's purpose was for us to bring investigators, and new converts... they talked about what it meant to be a follower of Jesus Christ and how the gospel blesses us and Elder Cardon testified of Jesus Christ. It was great for investigators and and the chapel was filled with tatoos and crazy hair and smelt like smoke and I've never been so happy! The gospel is for everyone! I hope all those people felt something that night.

this week, i feel like i learned a lot about charity and love. Last night, we were at the Winmill's house doing our Sundaynight FHE (which is the best) and we talked a lot about charity and it was awesome. We read from Moroni 7 and the spirit taught me something I had never thought about before. Normally, when I think of charity, I think of service. But in verse 45 it talks about how chairty "beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things." We know that charity is the pure love of Christ, right? So Christ's pure love for me... for Stone, for Kellee, Brooke, Jacqui, and everyone reading this... Christ's pure love for each of us BEARS all things with us. Christ's pure love BELIEVES in us, even when we fail Him...  it HOPES for us to be a little better every day and to keep trying. Christ's pure love ENDURES all things. No matter how bad we screw up, how helpless we feel, how many times we ignore Him and disregard His teachings and His love for us, charity never faileth. Christ's pure love for us never fails. It suffereth long and is kind. It's easy to be hard on ourselves and be angry with our or other's shortcomings but the Lord wants us to remember charity. He loves us perfectly and doesn't want us to dwell in anger or pride or evil. Never forget HE LOVES YOU. Use His atonement daily and stay close to Him.

well fam... i LOVE YOU.

pray for me because I'm recovering from a small case of WHIPLASH? how? you ask? goooooooood question since I don't have a car. this week karma laughed at me. i love sister wright to death buuuuut sometimes she's a little clutzy and tends to fall often. secretly i'm always laughing at her in my head, just waiting for the next accident. well this week, we were walking up to meet with Rick, one of our soon to be converts, and I had my hands in my pockets because it was faaaaahhhhhhreeeeeeeezzzzzziiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggg and I totally MISSED the step up to the front porch and my hands were stuck in my pockets and BAAAAAM. face plant. hahahahahaha seriously I have never in my life fell FLAT ON MY FACE. so check that one off the bucket list, haha. my wrists and face took the hit of the fall but luckily nothing serious was hurt. other than my ego. hahahahah so funny. so embar. their porch is like hallow, too, so it was a loud fall. i almost peed my pants from laughing so much. first thing Rick said? "yep. she's blonde" like realllly? are blonde joke still even a thing? hahaha #whatevs

tweets/quotes from this week?
"I'd have to say peeing next to Elder Cardon was a spiritual highlight of my mission. I could really feel his spiritual ora...." UM. Thank you, for that, Elder Bennett. 12:49PM

"we were watching our neighbor's goat this week because they were out of town..." UM. #onlyinidaho

hahah my fav. yesterday in Relief Society, everyone was talking, and Sister Manning, who is 96 years old, turns around when the lesson starts and says "Well I guess it's time to shut up now!" hahahah what? you tell 'em sis.

I LOVE YOU ALL. happy halloween. i expect pics!

sister ramsey

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