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MTC = Hogwarts//EFY//Helaman Halls {week ONE}

{from Sept. 25th}

WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN? I had NO idea what to expect from the MTC but it is incredible. Its like a mix of Hogwarts, EFY, and Helaman Halls. To be suuuuper cheesy I read a scripture yesterday that says exactly how I feel. 

1 Nephi 1:15-
"And after this manner was the language of my father in the praising of his God; for his soul did rejoice, and hisWHOLE HEART WAS FILLED, because of the things which he had seen, yea, which the Lord had shown him."

I have learned SO much in the week that I have been here at the MTC!! People are not kidding when they say the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. By the end of every day, I feel like the things that I did in the morning were like DAYS ago and everything blurs together because they keep us so busy here. But it's the best thing ever..I think everyone should at least have an MTC experience, ha.

Ok, first things first. MY COMPANION. Her name is Sister Bly and she is AWESOME. Seriously, all throughout the day we are always saying how lucky we feel to have each other. The thing about the MTC... it exposes everything. It forces you to be human and seriously you feel it ALL here so it's like a million times better when you like your companion and feel comfortable opening up... you really have no choice because you are together - a l l - t h e - t i m e . She is from Minnesota, and loves sports, animals, nature, aaaand she has a hair wrap, which is how I instantly knew I liked her and then it made me miss my little fatty dread #RIP
My district is great. There are three companionships of sisters and one three-some of elders. It is the funniest mix of personalities and at first I was a little worried but then you spend all day every day with them and now I love them all! We are from all over the country... Nevada, Alabama, Utah, Colorado, Minnesota, Florida, Wyoming, Alaska, aaaand I can't remember where the last elder is from. Our Branch President is really awesome, too. His name is President Hatch and he's alllll about perfect obedience so we don't mess around. ha
The teachers here at the MTC are absolutely incredible. They have all taught us SO much and they bring such different perspectives and ways of teaching, it's so great. We have had some really cool experiences as a class... they are so inspired!

MOM. Did you get my letter yet?? Seriously it's so embarassing how much I forgot. Like "OH WE WORK OUT EVERY DAY? COOOOOOOL CAUSE I ONLY BROUGHT TWO T-SHIRTS OUTTA THE 500 THAT I OWN. AND ONE PAIR OF SWEATS AND ONE PAIR OF BASKETBALL SHORTS. SOOO YEP." #AwkGirlThatWearsTheSameThingToWorkOutInEveryDay 

But seriously. I didn't even remember to bring shampoo and conditioner! BASICS PEOPLE. As Sister Knuth (in my district) would say... "Do you even know how to live?" Ha. She's from Vegas, love her. 

ELEANOR is here and it's seriously the icing on the cake to every day. We are on similar schedules so I see her during meal times and randomly at other places so its soooo much fun. The other night she came down to my room and asked if we could talk and we gave each other a hug and we both just started crying. hahahaha #whitegirlprobs #newmissionaryprobs
I seriously can't even spit out everything I want to say. This is already a novel. The Lord is teaching me SO much every single day I'm here. Being a missionary means something so differently to me now, then it did just a week ago, and it JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER. I know the Lord has prepared me to be here and has people in Twin Falls waiting for me. This Gospel is for everyone and I can't wait to share it.
Sunday was probably the best day. Every day is the best day but Sunday was awesome because we got to go to spiritual meetings all day. We got to watch a devotional given by Elder Holland and it's only available to missionaries in the MTC. It was incredible. I love Elder Holland SO much... seriously. I can't...I can't even. He even made a baseball reference during his talk so obvi it confirmed everything about him. And made me miss you, Dad.
Today is Wednesday so the MTC is filled with a billion new faces and it's so great! I can't believe I've already been here a week! Me and my companion, Sister Bly are our Zone's new Sister Training Leaders so tonight we get to meet all of our new missionaries and do a little orientation. I'm a "veteran" here? HAHA I'M SORRY, WHAT? But seriously, I'm so excited to meet our new districts and hopefully help them feel more comfortable here.
Also, HAPPY {one day late} BIRTHDAY TO SUPERMAN. I dedicate T Swifts song "22" to YOU and I hope you listen to it when you read this and think of me. I love and miss you so much and forgot to write down your information before I gave my phone away--- soooo e-mail it to me, ha.

And Van is 21 now. Happy Birthday crazy lady. I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO GET HERE. You are going to looooove it. Also My Zone Teacher's name is Brother Ikahihifo and HE IS THE BEST and he says he knows a lot of Mahes and he's tongan and you should set Alexa up with him because he's so funny and spiritual and an AMAZING SINGER AND DANCER. He helped choreograph the Cougs hip hop routine that won them nationals soooo #nobigdeal Or you could marry him, too. But if Lex comes here, tell her to find him.
Okay, well I love you ALL and can't tell you how grateful I am for all the love and support I've been getting! I pray for you daily and hope things at home are going well. It's already so cold here... I'M GOING TO DIE IN IDAHO.

Favorite line of the week:
"I got 20-inch rims and a Preach My Gospel" 
-Elder Sargeant ---> (our solo zone leader...he's a recent convert of two years and so funny. THAT COULD BE YOU KYLE...cough cough, haha.)

sister ramsey

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