Monday, October 14, 2013

Bruised butt from a bike seat


I have so much energy right now... Why? BECAUSE I'M IN THE MISSION FIELD AND LOOOVING IT. 
Okay, okay... So my last week at the MTC was just as great as the first. Seriously, I had the BEST teachers and they helped and inspired me SO much. One of them was actually in my old ward, so that was awesome. And our district totally became a little family by the time we left. All of our Elders were headed to Gilbert, AZ soooo family down there... look out for them. They are quite the characters so you'll know it's them if you meet them. Elder Sargaent, Elder McGraw, and Elder Nelson. They are so funny. AHH, I can't believe I'm already in Idaho.
So we woke up at 4:45AM Tuesday morning to bus up to Twin and you should've seen all the sisters in our district trying to haul all of our luggage on our own. SERIOUS #sistermissionaryprobs ....We were laughing so hard and were definitely late to the bus curb. I weighed my two suitcases before I left the residence halls... 72 & 74 POUNDS? I'm sorry WHAT? Yep. FULL. Mom do you still have any of those space bags? Thoooose would be nice before transfers again.
So 19 of us missionaries {6 sisters & 13 elders} took "Le Bus" up to Twin Falls and it was so much fun. Sorry Mom and Dad... since we weren't flying (thank goodness... HA. baggage fees? no.) we weren't allowed to make calls home. The elders in our mission seem great. A toooooon of 18 year olds so they have a lot of... energy.
We got the the mission office and President and Sister Curtis, the assistants and all the senior missionaries welcomed us off the bus with a ton of love. They are awesome but I can't wait to get to know them better. That night, we had dinner at the mission home and had a little testimony meeting. I'm surrounded by a lot of really great people, that's for sure.
Wednesdays... TRANSFERS. My new companion slash trainer is Sister Wright and she is incredible. She has a ton of energy and so excited for the work so it's really good. No sister has been out for more than like 8 months, so it's a really young mission. She's been out for 3 months but she's already learned so much! In fact... we were white washed and the two of us are opening up a new area together? HAHA WHAT UP BURLEY, IDAHO? **Catmull family... I'm looking for your people.** We're covering 3rd and 7th ward aaaaaaand the best part? WE'RE ON BIKES.Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Seriously whoever told me they spoil sisters and never put us on bikes.... WRONG. Iwish you could've seen me yesterday. Sister Pilling from the 1st ward brought over some bikes for us sisters to use and they pulled one out that looked like would fit me so they told me to hop on and try it out. The minute I started peddling to "test-ride" it.... I started laughing SO hard I was CRYING. Like what? I'm on a BIKE in a DRESS in the middle of IDAHO as a SISTER MISSIONARY. Not to mention it's already FREEZING. Seriously its just so funny. Then I just pictured my whole family watching me ride this bike around the street dying laughing.
Aaaaand it gets even better. My companion aaaalso used to be in the naturally we woke up at 6AM this morning to "work out." So we get dressed in work out clothes and head out the door and run. It's pitch black, probably 35 degrees, and WINDY. The whole time I was running I kept thinking, "I think I'm in hell. I think I'm in hell." Like anyone who knows me KNOWS probably the top two things I hate most in life are being cold and running. Regardless, homegirl is hardcore and I'm just grateful we ran to a track... aka she kept running in circles while I found a cubby where the wind was blocked and did yoga. This was not the army I signed up for. #whereisHelaman
Today we've been making appointments and meeting people in the ward. We had our first real companionship study and it went so good. We are going to learn a lot from each other. Last night we met with the Bishop of one of our wards and he was so nice. We've been going throught our area book and we have a lot of work to do. I'm SO excited to start meeting our investigators and ward members. We've already been fed twice today sooo I think I'm going to be fiiiine.
And lastly, me and Sister Knuth from my district in the MTC are tweeters. hahaha it wasn't till like a week into the MTC we realized we both had been "tweeting" in our study journals soooo I'm going to share a few of our favorites. RIP @laurenramseyy

10:30am wore "no show" socks for the first time today... #nomissionswag

12:12pm I heard someone say "sister" today and I turned around.... #whoami #nunstatus

10:29pm Sister Meyer runs through stop lights on her mo-ped for fun things to do in Blanding, UT #cantstopwontstop

9:15pm "he promised me he would write me a letter this week-- as in PROMISE RING promise." #showerconvos #whereami

4:15pm "oh, I don't care about the temple... can you just get my outfit?" -Sis Knuth #diva

4:29pm " hit on at the temple walk today... he wants the "E"..." #missionprobs

10:26am but the field is ACTUALLY white and ready to harvest #idahoforthewin

Hahaha I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. I'm out of time and have so much more I could say! BAH PRAY FOR ME. It's so cold and my butt feels bruised from my bike seat. HAHA #whatismylife

Sister Ramsey

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