Monday, February 24, 2014

life. is. good.

i'm just sooo soo happy. mission life is the good life. 

most days. haha

this week was really really good! sis bigelow got sick... which sucked for her... but i got a free nap! and i got to update our area book! and make cute stuff for lessons. SO WADDUP. i enjoyed it for her! i'm tellin you. i've always been really really great with free time. which, i don't get to have on a mission. so that was a fun change. and we still taught a ton of lessons so it was great!

our girl KELLIE set a baptismal date for March 15 {holla brookie's bday} and it was so awesome. after we set it and we were talking about it a little bit, she was like, "You know that feeling. When you're riding up a huge roller coaster and your heart is going nuts and it feels like it's about to pop outta your chest and you just almost can't take it?!..... that's how I feel right now." #spiritualhighs #highlife #cantstopwontstop

we also spent some good time tracting so sis bigelow could have the experience and I realized I love it. we meet the most raaaaaaaaaandom people and sometimes our conversations are so funny. the weather was in the 50's this week so it was a super great for just being out and talking to people. mission life is good. 

i was reading this morning and I FAH-REAKING love the scriptures. so much. i've been working on having more meaningful personal studies and it's been so much fun. i'm seeing things i've never seen before and learning things i need right now. its fun. this is the best work to be apart of. I love what the Lord tells Peter in D&C when he says "the thing which will be of the most worth unto you will be to declare repentance unto this people, that you may bring souls unto me, that you may rest with them in the Kingdom of my Father." I just wanna chill with all my frenz in the Celestial Kingdom, so lets get there, K? K. love you guys.

until next week.
hugs and kisses snitches.
XOXO, gg

...i mean sister ramsey. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

ooooo la la

ohhh my lovas day. you know it's my favorite. and YOU GUYS ARE MY FAVORITE. thank you thank YOU for sending me goodies in the mail. it made. my. week. and made me feel super spoiled, which was fun. so thank you. all of you.

this week has been A W E S O M E. me and sis bigelow are jivvvin and working hard to meet with as many people as we can. we are working with so many part member families and teaching them the gospel. this week we decided to beBOLD. we have a couple people who have been meeting with the missionaries for a while and we finally stopped beating around the bush and asked them "whats holding you back?"- "what do you want??" (**noah voice #notebook)- we're cutting the crap and encouraging them to JUST DO IT. #nike and the best part is because we're sisters, they can't get mad at us!! haha no... we just love them a lot and want to see these people happy, so we've been bold with extending commitments and inviting people to change and to try a little harder to be a little better. {i miss pres hinckley} and it's been exciting to see what's happening.

one of my favorite people we met this week was Kellie, from Sacramento. Girl's got energy and when we taught her the gospel she just lit up! She was so receptive to everything about the gospel and when we invited her to be baptized, before we even finished the invite, she said "Oh, I'd be honored" and started to cry. The spirit was so strong and it was incredible! We are teaching her at a family's house who has been less active so it's awesome. She is absolutely hysterical and I just love her. She comes from a rough past but absolutely loves being in Idaho and is trying to get her whole family to Idaho and into the church. This gospel is for E V E R Y O N E and we need to share it with everyone. 

Also... these are Kellie quotes from church yesterday... she has two kids.... who aren't used to church.... so they were entertaining to say the least:

"shhhhh. sit down. it's time for the snackrament" (when we taught her about the sacrament she was so surprised it meant anything. hahaha she thought it was a snack for everyone!)

"Damion! Stop killing deer in the house of God." (iphone game hahaha)

"Wait...? Did he just say this is a steak center? There's beef in here?"

hahahaha she is a hoot. and teaching her is the best. we are going to try and set a baptismal date with her this week so I'm excited! our teaching pool is growing more and more and it's exciting. we stay busy and i am so grateful! the Lord has a work for each of us, no matter where we are... I'm so grateful for all the He teaches me about His work! This is His Gospel... The good news... learn it, live it, love it--- you know... all the CLICHES BABY.

i'm really happy where i'm at and i'm really grateful for all your love and support. wouldn't be here without ya.

oh guess what. since i've been on my mission, i never sleep through the night. which is kinda super annoying but whatever. this week, however, i've woken up three different times and turned on the lamp and knelt down and started praying. poor sister bigelow. she's like "what the heck are you doing? it's 3:30AM"  hahahahah it's happened on 3 different nights. all different times. for NO reason. and it's never funny till we wake up in the morning... and i'm all.... "did i....?" and she's all....."YES YOU CREEP". hahahahaha  #ihatemyself #missionlyfe

AND FREAKING KATE HANSEN. beyonce's FB page? dat freakummmmm dressssss. i LOVE YOU. and i'm so proud of you. you are LIVING THE DREAM. i'm dying i can't watch but know that you're in my prayers. ELECKTRA aka SOCHI SWEETHEART. hahaha i can't believe it's real. 

LOVE YOU ALL. we're in it forevs. 

sister ramz

ps. we use an OLD SCHOOL MAP to get around town. you should hear us in the car. hahaha we are completely retarded. 

Monday, February 10, 2014


that awk moment you ask a little kid his name... he says reggie... and without thinking you repeat what you thought you heard... WEDGIE. hahahaha sorry kid. 

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii family. this week has felt like an eternity. but it's been so good so i'm not sure why! we had transfers this week and I'm in Twin Falls with 

S I S T E R . B I G E L O W.

and she's the best. we have a lot in common and we get along really well. it feels more like i'm goin at this with one of my friends then just my mission companion. it's so fun! she's from California and a total babe.

we got dropped off at our apartment on Wednesday and from the outside it looks like a total dump. it smells sooooooooooo bad outside of our complex and when we walked in there was nothing. no area book. no names. no numbers. no bikes. no map. NO IDEA where we were. i felt like we were being punked. #wheresashton

finally some elders dropped off what {little} of an area book the elders left for us and we started making a million phone calls. luckily our ward mission called us and he was such an answer to prayer. he is the MOST on top of it, organized, involved, and enthusiastic ward mission leader i have ever worked with. it's awesome. he had a meeting set up for that night and brought us a ward directory all marked up and old progress records and maps and E V E R Y T H I N G. ah. we have so much work to do!!

best part of the week? elder lightning mcqueen (my fav senior elder) showed up at our apartment on Friday afternoon with the assistants. I thought they were coming to drop off our bikes and when i asked... he pulled out CAR KEYS. hahahahahahah best surprise ever. people. there is repentance. there is forgiveness. THIS GIRL GOT HER DRIVING PRIVILEGES BACK. lawlz. it came just in time for a freakin blizzard. we are so happy. and warm. 

so far it's been great. everyone that we met is so helpful and i'm really excited to get to know them better. i'm so happy to be here. this change was just what i needed. the Lord is teaching me to trust Him more and more each transfer. 

i love you guys!
god speed.
i wont.
I <3 speed limits.

sister ramsey

sista big-e-lowwwww big big e lowwww
our little sis kaley!
my dawg ramz chillin
my district with sis parson (lady i was living with)

Monday, February 3, 2014

yo, yo, yo

what it do, what it do?
this is sister ramsey
tryna holla atchyou
missed ya last week
butchya know you on my mind
our family is foreva
oooh yaa, we one of a kind
haha we got a new cell phone this week and I chose the most ghetto ring tone for it... it's a great rapping beat, so needless to say, I've been inspired. #imissdrake
HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MOM. I hope it was the best ;) ;) haha aaaaand stonewall's today. and LINDSEY LU on Wednesday!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!
thank you thank you for my beautiful flowers. best dad a girl could ask for!! and MOM! the pens are perfect. hahaha i'm obsessed with them. journalings a big deal to me.
FAMILY. missed you last week. Sister Cluff  had to go into Twin Falls for some doctors appointments last Monday...because I'm certified shotty, I got to go with her. We were in and out of appointments all day slash it takes an hour and a half to drive there, one way, soooo I had no time to sit and e-mail. Did you know P-day isn't even a full day? rough. BUT I got to see Mary J Bly... found out SHE'S DITCHING ME FOR MINNESOTA. ugh. she tore her ACL and has to go home and have surgery on it... don't know what i'm going to do without her.
BUT hi. i'm livin and livin well. {<3 georgey} things in Mountain Home are good. H O W E V E R president called with transfers this weekend and homegirls checkin outta here. white washing in twin falls and training again! ha. ha. ha.
I don't know what's coming down the pike but i'm excited. sad to be leaving some people that I've come to L O V E here, but I think the change is good. change is all I know. I've been at every transfer meeting since I've gotten here, haha.
let's see. in the past two weeks:
we went to the temple. the best. always. i'm so grateful for temples. i'm so grateful for promise. i'm so grateful for peace. missionary work needs to be done on both sides of the veil. get there. and go back. our trip left me feeling uplifted and inspired. after our temple trip, we went to my big sister, Tifiney Rey's house and had the best conversation. she is hands down who i'm going to miss most here. but i'm not even worried. my name is on her dog's name tag. haha RAMSEY REY. #whaddup
then this week, the Lord put us right where we needed to be and it was the coolest. we had to stop at Walmart this week to pick up some blank DVD's for a project we're working on, but because I didn't get to go shopping or anything on Monday, we stopped by Wally on Tues. And even though it wasn't the day we were supposed to shop, I just felt so at peace with the idea. So we ran in and on our way out, I saw a guy that we talked to a little over a month ago, but nothing really came of our conversation. I called out his name and he turned around and looked shocked to see us! He said, "I was just thinking about you guys this morning and thought I really wanted to talk to you!! I've had the most incredible past 5 weeks and I'm closer to God now more then I have ever been and wanted to talk to you about it!" Haha it was awesome. The elders had ran into him during this time and gave him a Book of Mormon and we talked a lot about his experience and then set up an appointment to meet and talk about the gospel. He is so open to whatever God has next for him and I hope he can recognize the truth of the Restored Gospel! I know he will.
the gospel is true. God lives and He LOVES us. He is in the details of our lives, every bit. turn to Him. trust Him. BE LOYAL to Him.
love you guys.
go seahawks.
tif's obsessed w them.
exodus 14:14 is my fav.
sister ramsey

I found my child in a magazine at the doctor's office. ha.
sister bly!
my dawg ramsey