Monday, February 10, 2014


that awk moment you ask a little kid his name... he says reggie... and without thinking you repeat what you thought you heard... WEDGIE. hahahaha sorry kid. 

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii family. this week has felt like an eternity. but it's been so good so i'm not sure why! we had transfers this week and I'm in Twin Falls with 

S I S T E R . B I G E L O W.

and she's the best. we have a lot in common and we get along really well. it feels more like i'm goin at this with one of my friends then just my mission companion. it's so fun! she's from California and a total babe.

we got dropped off at our apartment on Wednesday and from the outside it looks like a total dump. it smells sooooooooooo bad outside of our complex and when we walked in there was nothing. no area book. no names. no numbers. no bikes. no map. NO IDEA where we were. i felt like we were being punked. #wheresashton

finally some elders dropped off what {little} of an area book the elders left for us and we started making a million phone calls. luckily our ward mission called us and he was such an answer to prayer. he is the MOST on top of it, organized, involved, and enthusiastic ward mission leader i have ever worked with. it's awesome. he had a meeting set up for that night and brought us a ward directory all marked up and old progress records and maps and E V E R Y T H I N G. ah. we have so much work to do!!

best part of the week? elder lightning mcqueen (my fav senior elder) showed up at our apartment on Friday afternoon with the assistants. I thought they were coming to drop off our bikes and when i asked... he pulled out CAR KEYS. hahahahahahah best surprise ever. people. there is repentance. there is forgiveness. THIS GIRL GOT HER DRIVING PRIVILEGES BACK. lawlz. it came just in time for a freakin blizzard. we are so happy. and warm. 

so far it's been great. everyone that we met is so helpful and i'm really excited to get to know them better. i'm so happy to be here. this change was just what i needed. the Lord is teaching me to trust Him more and more each transfer. 

i love you guys!
god speed.
i wont.
I <3 speed limits.

sister ramsey

sista big-e-lowwwww big big e lowwww
our little sis kaley!
my dawg ramz chillin
my district with sis parson (lady i was living with)

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