Monday, October 28, 2013

I got the bug....

...SO BAD this week... like death by puking happened to me this week and it was the worst. I woke up at 12:30 and got sick every 15 minutes until 4am... then it was every 30 minutes until 10am. I've never thrown up so much in my life. remember how the MTC forced the flu shot on me even though I don't believe in that crap? YEP PROOF IT DOESN'T WORK. aaaaanyways. I'm SO GRATEFUL to be feeling better now. The thing about a mission, is time doesn't feel like it's yours. I'm on the Lord's time... so being sick? SUCH A WASTE OF TIME. And you have a companion that's all relying on you and can't leave you so you just feel helpless and horrible. GAH. I'm grateful that my sisters in Burley took care of me. Sister Wright stayed up with me that night and kept checking my temp and then Sis Dodds and Sis Bly came and made me drink jello water? never heard of that trick before but it seemed to help. they brought me doTERRA and oiled me up and put me to bed haha. The next day, a sister from our ward made me a miracle herbthat healed me. i've found a few natural healin hippie sistas out here and i just love them and ask them to teach me their ways. aaaand i was afraid this mission would change me! HA.

aaaaaaaaaaanyways. Miss Jenna got baptized this week and it was awesome!! Me and Sister Wright gave the talks and every time we asked her a question, she had the most witty answer.... she was quite the comic relief and it just made me love her even more!

we had a mission conference in Twin Falls this week and it was SO good. like so good. Elder Cardon of the Seventy was visiting and he taught us a lot. He was bold and straight forward in his teaching and it was powerful. he taught us a lot about our calling, our assignment, and about conversion. it was the best! we had a fireside with him on Fridaynight and it's purpose was for us to bring investigators, and new converts... they talked about what it meant to be a follower of Jesus Christ and how the gospel blesses us and Elder Cardon testified of Jesus Christ. It was great for investigators and and the chapel was filled with tatoos and crazy hair and smelt like smoke and I've never been so happy! The gospel is for everyone! I hope all those people felt something that night.

this week, i feel like i learned a lot about charity and love. Last night, we were at the Winmill's house doing our Sundaynight FHE (which is the best) and we talked a lot about charity and it was awesome. We read from Moroni 7 and the spirit taught me something I had never thought about before. Normally, when I think of charity, I think of service. But in verse 45 it talks about how chairty "beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things." We know that charity is the pure love of Christ, right? So Christ's pure love for me... for Stone, for Kellee, Brooke, Jacqui, and everyone reading this... Christ's pure love for each of us BEARS all things with us. Christ's pure love BELIEVES in us, even when we fail Him...  it HOPES for us to be a little better every day and to keep trying. Christ's pure love ENDURES all things. No matter how bad we screw up, how helpless we feel, how many times we ignore Him and disregard His teachings and His love for us, charity never faileth. Christ's pure love for us never fails. It suffereth long and is kind. It's easy to be hard on ourselves and be angry with our or other's shortcomings but the Lord wants us to remember charity. He loves us perfectly and doesn't want us to dwell in anger or pride or evil. Never forget HE LOVES YOU. Use His atonement daily and stay close to Him.

well fam... i LOVE YOU.

pray for me because I'm recovering from a small case of WHIPLASH? how? you ask? goooooooood question since I don't have a car. this week karma laughed at me. i love sister wright to death buuuuut sometimes she's a little clutzy and tends to fall often. secretly i'm always laughing at her in my head, just waiting for the next accident. well this week, we were walking up to meet with Rick, one of our soon to be converts, and I had my hands in my pockets because it was faaaaahhhhhhreeeeeeeezzzzzziiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggg and I totally MISSED the step up to the front porch and my hands were stuck in my pockets and BAAAAAM. face plant. hahahahahaha seriously I have never in my life fell FLAT ON MY FACE. so check that one off the bucket list, haha. my wrists and face took the hit of the fall but luckily nothing serious was hurt. other than my ego. hahahahah so funny. so embar. their porch is like hallow, too, so it was a loud fall. i almost peed my pants from laughing so much. first thing Rick said? "yep. she's blonde" like realllly? are blonde joke still even a thing? hahaha #whatevs

tweets/quotes from this week?
"I'd have to say peeing next to Elder Cardon was a spiritual highlight of my mission. I could really feel his spiritual ora...." UM. Thank you, for that, Elder Bennett. 12:49PM

"we were watching our neighbor's goat this week because they were out of town..." UM. #onlyinidaho

hahah my fav. yesterday in Relief Society, everyone was talking, and Sister Manning, who is 96 years old, turns around when the lesson starts and says "Well I guess it's time to shut up now!" hahahah what? you tell 'em sis.

I LOVE YOU ALL. happy halloween. i expect pics!

sister ramsey

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lebron? Lebanon?

HAPPY ONE MONTH AND THREE DAYS TO MEEEE. Can you believe it? Time is flying and it's freaking me out. I'm so happy though. Seriously every day I hop on my bike and think, "my life is so cool... I ride a bike all around town at the most BEAUTIFUL time of year and go talk to people I've never met and offer service to them. all day every day." I mean... WHO DOES THAT? missionaries. and i'm one of them and i am so grateful.

STONE is out. Oh my gosh... I wish I could've been there to drop him off. I can't wait to hear about how he's doing. The MTC is the best place ever. I wish we could've been there at the same time... regardless I'm happy we're serving together. knowing we're in this together makes the hard times easier.

This week was another one for the books! Friday was just the best. It was me and Sister Bly's one month mark so we celebrated by going to Bent Bean and ordering ourselves pumpkin spice white chocolate steamers and muffins!! the best celebration of the day? It was our district temple trip and it was soooooo so so good. gosh I LOVE the temple. going was just what I needed and I didn't even realize I needed it. I was sitting in the celestial room and I have never felt so much PEACE in my life...I never wanted to leave. The whole time I was in there, I kept feeling the Lord reassure me, "Don't worry, I'll take care of you." Such a blessing...I'm so grateful for the temple!!

Then the day kept getting better! We went over to Rick and Heather's apt... Rick has been investigating the church and has been working hard to be worthy of baptism. Last week we met with him and his girlfriend Heather and we talked about a wedding date so that Rick could be baptized and they told us they wanted to wait until next summer to be married so that all of their kids could be there. So we planned on talking about obedience to all of God's commandments and the blessing of a celestial marriage. We wanted to focus on how the real celebration would be when they could be sealed for eternity... not just married for time. We walked in to their apartment and one of the first things they said was..."WE SET A DATE!! November 9th!!" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Lesson plan? out the window! oh my gosh... it was the best appointment. Rick and Heather are so cute and it clicked for them. Rick whipped out this HUGE 100 year old book of all of his family history and said, "I'm the first member in my family and I've got a lot of work to do. I don't want to wait more than a year to go to the temple." What? You're working on family history? Ok, you stud pioneer of your family. Ah, the spirit in the room was so awesome and I know there were people on the other side rejoicing with us because they have been waiting for Rick. It was so cool. And every time we went to say something to Rick, he finished our sentences! He totally gets it and it's so awesome to see.

Then there's miss. jenna. she is incredible. She is 100% blind and the bravest, most independent little girl you will ever meet. she just got a kidney transplant a few months ago and is now healthy and full of energy! we have been teaching her every day for the past week and her baptism is this friday!! I'm so excited for her! Aaaand the coolest part? She has been a little missionary for her family. Her step-dad, who disagrees with the mormon religion and wants nothing to do with it, has invited us into their home to teach (he has never allowed them in before), and at first he dismissed himself from everything but now he sits in on most of our discussions AND stays for the opening and closing prayers!! The light of Christ is real and people are drawn to it. Everytime he goes to another room, he ends up coming back for "water" and then asks a bunch of questions on whatever we're teaching! Haha it's so awesome! He's coming to the baptism and hopefully to church the next day to see her confirmed! AH!

We are teaching a lotttt and it is so great. Tonight we have more appointments then time so we are going on splits for the first time. I don't know why this makes me nervous but ahhhhh. Pray for me haha.

Yesterday I just happppppppppened to run into a stray college girl yesterday while I was at church! I SAW MIRANDA and it made me so so so sooo happy. Aaaaand I met the boy"friend" she was with and he was so cute! Ah, it was so fun to see a familiar face from home. I forget how long it's been since I've seen someone I knew. 

YOU GUYS. Burley makes some of the best food. Because I'm in farming country... people know how to grow a serious garden and I WILL learn their ways. This week I had THE BEST apple pie of my liiiiiiiiiiiiiife. Like I'm not even kidding. I don't even like pie but this was like a dream. I've never tasted anything like it. I bet Stone's going to have the same experience in Kenya. Ha. 

Oh... and the subject line? Jungle feva withdrawls: when you read in the scriptures "lebron" instead of "lebanon" hahaha i miss my brown boys. but no worries... i have found a way to cope without sunday night slow jamz and such ..... THIS IS MY JAM:

your welcome. your hooked. i know. it speaks to my soul.

also, I have to ask, FAMILY.... how is your missionary work coming? there are families out here in idaho, where it's like 80% mormon, FINDING people to teach. you guys are in florida and everyone we know isn't mormon so INVITE PEOPLE to our house. I've learned that we make ourselves too much of the equation... this is the LORDS work and HIS gospel. He doesn't expect us to know everything and be able to say all the right things but he expects us to keep His commandments so that we are worthy of the spirit and then to open our mouths. The spirit is what teaches, not us. The Lord is calling each of us to be missionaries. We are so lucky to have so many people to share it with every day in Florida. I've realized I could've been a waaaaay better missionary. Goodness, take me back. This gospel is here to bless everyone and all we have to do is invite others and LOVE them. No matter what. 

i love you all SO much and miss you like crazy. i pray for you always and hope this finds you well!! 

sister ramsey

Monday, October 14, 2013

What the Hail?

subject line? i'm soaking from a mini hail storm that I just rode my bike through... I LOVE #MISSIONLIFE

   Soooo so many things happen in a week on a mission... I hope I have enough time to type everything out. First, DAD. I love you so so much!! The flowers that you sent me were so beautiful and JUST what I needed. I came home and got so happy I started crying! I put a letter in our mailbox the next day for you, but we check the mail Saturdaynight aaaaand it was still there. SO hopefully it goes out today... really I love you so much!

   This week I've been studying a lot about the Christlike attributes of faith and hope. I have received so much revelation from the Lord and it has helped me so much. I know that when we go to the Lord with real questions, and we seek out real answers... the scriptures start to become alive. I know that when we are seeking the Lord's guidance, he is going to speak to us through the scriptures, not necessarily with what we read exactly, but with what the spirit teaches us as we read. It's the coolest thing.

   Last night was EASILY the highlight of my mission so far. Everyone told me that there would be someone I would meet on my mission that I was supposed to meet... to be honest I kind of thought everyone was BSing me, trying to get me excited for Idaho. But IT HAPPENED. I know without a doubt I was supposed to meet the Winmill family. I had no idea that it would happen so soon on my mission but I am so glad that it did! 
   Brother Winmill is our ward mission leader and he and his wife have five kids, four boys and one girl {they are 24, 21, 18, 15 (Brooke he's cute, but I heard you're in love haha), and 12} and we had the best family home evening with them last night. When Bro Winmill asked us to come over and share somethin with his boys last Sunday, it was on my mind all week. His boys remind me a lot of Stone and what he's been through...and I think all baseball players have the same.... "swag" ...I guess haha. During my studies this week, I was prompted with what to share with the boys and then Bro Winmill shot us a text on Sunday, saying he wanted us to teach one of the missionary lessons, but to let us be inspired as to which one. I knew immediately, and before we went over, I had some time on my own, while Sis Wright was meeting with the mission doc. The spirit was consuming me... I could noooot stop shaking. Partially because I'm always freezing but I knew our FHE was going to be awesome because I was feelin the spirit. We sat down together and decided to sing "give said the little stream" which they said later, that was the first time they had all sang that as a family in probably ten years and that it was special. Sister Wright let me teach the lesson and it was awesome. I told them it was going to be less of a lesson and more of a discussion and I don't think it could've gone any better. We talked about the Doctrine of Christ and it was awesome. All the boys were getting so involved and sharing their testimonies and insights on the scriptures we were reading... gosh. I wish you could've felt it.
   Then after, for me was probably the most meaningful. Bro Winmill put his hand on my arm and sincerely thanked me for my testimony and for being on a mission. He told me that was exactly what they needed and he couldn't've asked for a better FHE lesson. Sister Winmill then shared with me the experience she had when we met for the first time. She said that when she came up the stairs and saw me sitting at the counter, that it was like her soul recognized me. I knew when I met her, there was something familiar and just knew that I loved her already. She said she felt like I recognized it too, because when we made eye contact, it was like "hey! where have you been? I've been waiting for you." IT ALL CLICKED. We all were in tears. Cody (their oldest) knew he was supposed to meet me and he said the minute he saw us, he knew..."these missionaries...they're gonna get me." I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this family. 
   I think one of the coolest parts of being on a mission is realizing that this whole thing is SO MUCH BIGGER than YOU. It's learning that our God is a detail-oriented God. Last night... being a small part in someone's big picture was so incredible to me. The Lord worked through so many people to help get me on my mission, so that I could come here to Idaho and help someone else. I know that this is not my mission. The Lord prepared me to be in Burley. And Iknow this is exactly where I'm meant to be. 

   STONE. You report WEDNESDAY. I am so so so excited for you. What is your MTC address? You better write long e-mails. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE YOUR MISSION. People are being prepared for you... and YOU have been prepared for them. Believe that.

Okay okay I'm running out of time. Tweet of the week? {we're standing outside and talking to an investigator...}

 "ummm... I'm sorry. Are those COWS mooing in the background??" "Oh ya... it's harvest season." #onlyinIdaho

In case you were wondering, I've already had some embarrrrr bike incidents. Bike and skirts were not made for each other... but it sure does keep it interesting. 

I love you all SOOOOO much! I can't wait till we're all reunited and swapping mission stories. Missionary work is the best work!!

sister ramsey

ps: sorry i don't know everyone's email. i love and miss everyoneeeee! 

first area: BURLEY!

{from Oct. 7th}

B U R L E Y - I D A H O awesome. Seriously, the people here are SO amazing and they have been spoiling me so much. Me and Sister Wright are loving life because The Lord is blessing us with a lot of teaching appointments, even though we are just getting our feet underneath us. Conference was SO great, but it kind of put us a week behind with getting to know our ward members. So we're trying to meet as many people as we can and do service or take them out contacting with us. It's been really good. 
But how about conference, aye? (**Sister Bly (my MTC companion) says aye? at the end of everything like she's a Canadian or something #minnesotaprobs) I loved it SO much... well what little I got to hear. You really do sacrifice a lot on missions.... even pajama Sundays, conference crepes and getting to listen to conference in a quiet, comfortable enviornment where I take a billion notes in my journal....and tweet every golden line said. I really missed #twitterstake #ldsconf ...haha. We were watching with invesitgators for every session and there were lots of little kids we were trying to entertain so the adults could get something out of it. It ended up working out well for them. I just wrote down the names of speakers I know I want to reread their talk when the Ensign comes out. So much about missionary work and gender roles... haha I hope those freakin feminists were listening. They are ruining the world.
Some of my favs? Bednar is INCREDIBLE. I loooooved it and Ucthdorf's....GOLDEN MISSIONARY TALK. "Come, join with us!" Oh, too good. Elder Dube from that session was awesome too... Elder Eyring, Elder Holland {duh}, and the man who spoke about teaching in the Sunday afternoon.... SO GOOD. But I need to reread them all. It was so hard to listen where we were.
We have quite a few people we are teaching, especially since we've only had a few good days to get in work. Our Ward Mission Leaders are AWESOME. Seriously... one of them is going to become my second family. Their name is the Winmills and they take SUCH good care of us... they've fed us twice, given us rides, made cinnamon rolls for one of our investigators families, and so many other little things. Favorite part about them? They LOVE baseball and keep me updated on the Rays. hahaha Burley is a good place for me. #ihateboston
There is SOOOO much work to be done in our little area and the ward members we've met are so excited and willing to do anything to help. We have a ton of referrals to contact this week so I'm really excited. Sister Wright is teaching me lots and she gets people to do whatever she says soooo I just stand behind her and smile, hoping they know we love them and pray they don't hate us. Ha, she's awesome.
Funny story..?
We were over at the EQ President's house for dinner (cutest little family ever) and he was asking about how different things are in the mission field and stuff. He asked about the new sister leadership and Sister Wright told him she thought it was okay, whereas I said I thought it was great because then all the sisters can call up their sister traning leaders to bug them over petty things that girls get worked up about and don't have to bug the elders anymore... like killing spiders and "hard days" and whatever else.... Then Sister Wright said, "Well we only had to call the Elders once to kill a spider but it was HUGE." I just looked at her and Brother Christensen and I (EQP) started laughing so hard because I just threw her under the bus without even realizing it. Hahahahahaha #oops
Well, I love you guys so much and pray for you all daily!
STONE HOW ARE YOU FEELING???? You leave SO soon!!! There is nothing like a mission.
The Lord is SO good to us. We just have to put our faith and trust in Him. This is something I keep learning every day. We can't teach unless we have the spirit. I know this is definitely His work, because it doesn't work unless we are one with Him.

Sister Ramsey

PS- my new address is:
209 West 24th
Apt. 2
Burley, ID 83318
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Bruised butt from a bike seat


I have so much energy right now... Why? BECAUSE I'M IN THE MISSION FIELD AND LOOOVING IT. 
Okay, okay... So my last week at the MTC was just as great as the first. Seriously, I had the BEST teachers and they helped and inspired me SO much. One of them was actually in my old ward, so that was awesome. And our district totally became a little family by the time we left. All of our Elders were headed to Gilbert, AZ soooo family down there... look out for them. They are quite the characters so you'll know it's them if you meet them. Elder Sargaent, Elder McGraw, and Elder Nelson. They are so funny. AHH, I can't believe I'm already in Idaho.
So we woke up at 4:45AM Tuesday morning to bus up to Twin and you should've seen all the sisters in our district trying to haul all of our luggage on our own. SERIOUS #sistermissionaryprobs ....We were laughing so hard and were definitely late to the bus curb. I weighed my two suitcases before I left the residence halls... 72 & 74 POUNDS? I'm sorry WHAT? Yep. FULL. Mom do you still have any of those space bags? Thoooose would be nice before transfers again.
So 19 of us missionaries {6 sisters & 13 elders} took "Le Bus" up to Twin Falls and it was so much fun. Sorry Mom and Dad... since we weren't flying (thank goodness... HA. baggage fees? no.) we weren't allowed to make calls home. The elders in our mission seem great. A toooooon of 18 year olds so they have a lot of... energy.
We got the the mission office and President and Sister Curtis, the assistants and all the senior missionaries welcomed us off the bus with a ton of love. They are awesome but I can't wait to get to know them better. That night, we had dinner at the mission home and had a little testimony meeting. I'm surrounded by a lot of really great people, that's for sure.
Wednesdays... TRANSFERS. My new companion slash trainer is Sister Wright and she is incredible. She has a ton of energy and so excited for the work so it's really good. No sister has been out for more than like 8 months, so it's a really young mission. She's been out for 3 months but she's already learned so much! In fact... we were white washed and the two of us are opening up a new area together? HAHA WHAT UP BURLEY, IDAHO? **Catmull family... I'm looking for your people.** We're covering 3rd and 7th ward aaaaaaand the best part? WE'RE ON BIKES.Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Seriously whoever told me they spoil sisters and never put us on bikes.... WRONG. Iwish you could've seen me yesterday. Sister Pilling from the 1st ward brought over some bikes for us sisters to use and they pulled one out that looked like would fit me so they told me to hop on and try it out. The minute I started peddling to "test-ride" it.... I started laughing SO hard I was CRYING. Like what? I'm on a BIKE in a DRESS in the middle of IDAHO as a SISTER MISSIONARY. Not to mention it's already FREEZING. Seriously its just so funny. Then I just pictured my whole family watching me ride this bike around the street dying laughing.
Aaaaand it gets even better. My companion aaaalso used to be in the naturally we woke up at 6AM this morning to "work out." So we get dressed in work out clothes and head out the door and run. It's pitch black, probably 35 degrees, and WINDY. The whole time I was running I kept thinking, "I think I'm in hell. I think I'm in hell." Like anyone who knows me KNOWS probably the top two things I hate most in life are being cold and running. Regardless, homegirl is hardcore and I'm just grateful we ran to a track... aka she kept running in circles while I found a cubby where the wind was blocked and did yoga. This was not the army I signed up for. #whereisHelaman
Today we've been making appointments and meeting people in the ward. We had our first real companionship study and it went so good. We are going to learn a lot from each other. Last night we met with the Bishop of one of our wards and he was so nice. We've been going throught our area book and we have a lot of work to do. I'm SO excited to start meeting our investigators and ward members. We've already been fed twice today sooo I think I'm going to be fiiiine.
And lastly, me and Sister Knuth from my district in the MTC are tweeters. hahaha it wasn't till like a week into the MTC we realized we both had been "tweeting" in our study journals soooo I'm going to share a few of our favorites. RIP @laurenramseyy

10:30am wore "no show" socks for the first time today... #nomissionswag

12:12pm I heard someone say "sister" today and I turned around.... #whoami #nunstatus

10:29pm Sister Meyer runs through stop lights on her mo-ped for fun things to do in Blanding, UT #cantstopwontstop

9:15pm "he promised me he would write me a letter this week-- as in PROMISE RING promise." #showerconvos #whereami

4:15pm "oh, I don't care about the temple... can you just get my outfit?" -Sis Knuth #diva

4:29pm " hit on at the temple walk today... he wants the "E"..." #missionprobs

10:26am but the field is ACTUALLY white and ready to harvest #idahoforthewin

Hahaha I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. I'm out of time and have so much more I could say! BAH PRAY FOR ME. It's so cold and my butt feels bruised from my bike seat. HAHA #whatismylife

Sister Ramsey

MTC = Hogwarts//EFY//Helaman Halls {week ONE}

{from Sept. 25th}

WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN? I had NO idea what to expect from the MTC but it is incredible. Its like a mix of Hogwarts, EFY, and Helaman Halls. To be suuuuper cheesy I read a scripture yesterday that says exactly how I feel. 

1 Nephi 1:15-
"And after this manner was the language of my father in the praising of his God; for his soul did rejoice, and hisWHOLE HEART WAS FILLED, because of the things which he had seen, yea, which the Lord had shown him."

I have learned SO much in the week that I have been here at the MTC!! People are not kidding when they say the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. By the end of every day, I feel like the things that I did in the morning were like DAYS ago and everything blurs together because they keep us so busy here. But it's the best thing ever..I think everyone should at least have an MTC experience, ha.

Ok, first things first. MY COMPANION. Her name is Sister Bly and she is AWESOME. Seriously, all throughout the day we are always saying how lucky we feel to have each other. The thing about the MTC... it exposes everything. It forces you to be human and seriously you feel it ALL here so it's like a million times better when you like your companion and feel comfortable opening up... you really have no choice because you are together - a l l - t h e - t i m e . She is from Minnesota, and loves sports, animals, nature, aaaand she has a hair wrap, which is how I instantly knew I liked her and then it made me miss my little fatty dread #RIP
My district is great. There are three companionships of sisters and one three-some of elders. It is the funniest mix of personalities and at first I was a little worried but then you spend all day every day with them and now I love them all! We are from all over the country... Nevada, Alabama, Utah, Colorado, Minnesota, Florida, Wyoming, Alaska, aaaand I can't remember where the last elder is from. Our Branch President is really awesome, too. His name is President Hatch and he's alllll about perfect obedience so we don't mess around. ha
The teachers here at the MTC are absolutely incredible. They have all taught us SO much and they bring such different perspectives and ways of teaching, it's so great. We have had some really cool experiences as a class... they are so inspired!

MOM. Did you get my letter yet?? Seriously it's so embarassing how much I forgot. Like "OH WE WORK OUT EVERY DAY? COOOOOOOL CAUSE I ONLY BROUGHT TWO T-SHIRTS OUTTA THE 500 THAT I OWN. AND ONE PAIR OF SWEATS AND ONE PAIR OF BASKETBALL SHORTS. SOOO YEP." #AwkGirlThatWearsTheSameThingToWorkOutInEveryDay 

But seriously. I didn't even remember to bring shampoo and conditioner! BASICS PEOPLE. As Sister Knuth (in my district) would say... "Do you even know how to live?" Ha. She's from Vegas, love her. 

ELEANOR is here and it's seriously the icing on the cake to every day. We are on similar schedules so I see her during meal times and randomly at other places so its soooo much fun. The other night she came down to my room and asked if we could talk and we gave each other a hug and we both just started crying. hahahaha #whitegirlprobs #newmissionaryprobs
I seriously can't even spit out everything I want to say. This is already a novel. The Lord is teaching me SO much every single day I'm here. Being a missionary means something so differently to me now, then it did just a week ago, and it JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER. I know the Lord has prepared me to be here and has people in Twin Falls waiting for me. This Gospel is for everyone and I can't wait to share it.
Sunday was probably the best day. Every day is the best day but Sunday was awesome because we got to go to spiritual meetings all day. We got to watch a devotional given by Elder Holland and it's only available to missionaries in the MTC. It was incredible. I love Elder Holland SO much... seriously. I can't...I can't even. He even made a baseball reference during his talk so obvi it confirmed everything about him. And made me miss you, Dad.
Today is Wednesday so the MTC is filled with a billion new faces and it's so great! I can't believe I've already been here a week! Me and my companion, Sister Bly are our Zone's new Sister Training Leaders so tonight we get to meet all of our new missionaries and do a little orientation. I'm a "veteran" here? HAHA I'M SORRY, WHAT? But seriously, I'm so excited to meet our new districts and hopefully help them feel more comfortable here.
Also, HAPPY {one day late} BIRTHDAY TO SUPERMAN. I dedicate T Swifts song "22" to YOU and I hope you listen to it when you read this and think of me. I love and miss you so much and forgot to write down your information before I gave my phone away--- soooo e-mail it to me, ha.

And Van is 21 now. Happy Birthday crazy lady. I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO GET HERE. You are going to looooove it. Also My Zone Teacher's name is Brother Ikahihifo and HE IS THE BEST and he says he knows a lot of Mahes and he's tongan and you should set Alexa up with him because he's so funny and spiritual and an AMAZING SINGER AND DANCER. He helped choreograph the Cougs hip hop routine that won them nationals soooo #nobigdeal Or you could marry him, too. But if Lex comes here, tell her to find him.
Okay, well I love you ALL and can't tell you how grateful I am for all the love and support I've been getting! I pray for you daily and hope things at home are going well. It's already so cold here... I'M GOING TO DIE IN IDAHO.

Favorite line of the week:
"I got 20-inch rims and a Preach My Gospel" 
-Elder Sargeant ---> (our solo zone leader...he's a recent convert of two years and so funny. THAT COULD BE YOU KYLE...cough cough, haha.)

sister ramsey