Monday, October 14, 2013

first area: BURLEY!

{from Oct. 7th}

B U R L E Y - I D A H O awesome. Seriously, the people here are SO amazing and they have been spoiling me so much. Me and Sister Wright are loving life because The Lord is blessing us with a lot of teaching appointments, even though we are just getting our feet underneath us. Conference was SO great, but it kind of put us a week behind with getting to know our ward members. So we're trying to meet as many people as we can and do service or take them out contacting with us. It's been really good. 
But how about conference, aye? (**Sister Bly (my MTC companion) says aye? at the end of everything like she's a Canadian or something #minnesotaprobs) I loved it SO much... well what little I got to hear. You really do sacrifice a lot on missions.... even pajama Sundays, conference crepes and getting to listen to conference in a quiet, comfortable enviornment where I take a billion notes in my journal....and tweet every golden line said. I really missed #twitterstake #ldsconf ...haha. We were watching with invesitgators for every session and there were lots of little kids we were trying to entertain so the adults could get something out of it. It ended up working out well for them. I just wrote down the names of speakers I know I want to reread their talk when the Ensign comes out. So much about missionary work and gender roles... haha I hope those freakin feminists were listening. They are ruining the world.
Some of my favs? Bednar is INCREDIBLE. I loooooved it and Ucthdorf's....GOLDEN MISSIONARY TALK. "Come, join with us!" Oh, too good. Elder Dube from that session was awesome too... Elder Eyring, Elder Holland {duh}, and the man who spoke about teaching in the Sunday afternoon.... SO GOOD. But I need to reread them all. It was so hard to listen where we were.
We have quite a few people we are teaching, especially since we've only had a few good days to get in work. Our Ward Mission Leaders are AWESOME. Seriously... one of them is going to become my second family. Their name is the Winmills and they take SUCH good care of us... they've fed us twice, given us rides, made cinnamon rolls for one of our investigators families, and so many other little things. Favorite part about them? They LOVE baseball and keep me updated on the Rays. hahaha Burley is a good place for me. #ihateboston
There is SOOOO much work to be done in our little area and the ward members we've met are so excited and willing to do anything to help. We have a ton of referrals to contact this week so I'm really excited. Sister Wright is teaching me lots and she gets people to do whatever she says soooo I just stand behind her and smile, hoping they know we love them and pray they don't hate us. Ha, she's awesome.
Funny story..?
We were over at the EQ President's house for dinner (cutest little family ever) and he was asking about how different things are in the mission field and stuff. He asked about the new sister leadership and Sister Wright told him she thought it was okay, whereas I said I thought it was great because then all the sisters can call up their sister traning leaders to bug them over petty things that girls get worked up about and don't have to bug the elders anymore... like killing spiders and "hard days" and whatever else.... Then Sister Wright said, "Well we only had to call the Elders once to kill a spider but it was HUGE." I just looked at her and Brother Christensen and I (EQP) started laughing so hard because I just threw her under the bus without even realizing it. Hahahahahaha #oops
Well, I love you guys so much and pray for you all daily!
STONE HOW ARE YOU FEELING???? You leave SO soon!!! There is nothing like a mission.
The Lord is SO good to us. We just have to put our faith and trust in Him. This is something I keep learning every day. We can't teach unless we have the spirit. I know this is definitely His work, because it doesn't work unless we are one with Him.

Sister Ramsey

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