Monday, October 20, 2014

what is love?!

this week was tooooo good.
i just have the BEST feeling about jerome.
...i mean in the 5 days i've been here
i've already eaten:
deer jerky, goat meat, "elk balls" and "atomic buffalo turds"
aaaaand to top it off,
me and sister walker ran into a physic who read our energies!
so needless to say, i think it's going to be a good six weeks.
okay so let me just update you on my week.
MONDAY, sister wright and i got to go to lunch with BRO WINMILL.
it was surreal. so good. so happy. couldn't wipe the smile off our faces
they are family!
and they are visiting Florida in February!
y'all need to hook up with them and take 'em out or something of sorts!
then we spent monday night with our college ward.
last FHE.... at the corn maze!
it was so much fun.
and we found like 2 new potential investigators #booya
i love love loved my college ward! so much!
then we spent all day tuesday running around
saying goodbyes! ahh i love so many people there!
its been a good run in twin falls.
but i've already fallen for JEROME
these people are so awesome.
its....a bit....smelly.... on this side of the canyon
but other then that i LOVE it here.
do y'all remember JAKE?
the guy who texted us and wanted to get baptized sooner then we planned?
...and then couldn't....?
and about died when I knocked on his door.
hahahahaha its meant to be!
this is his second chance and i think he's ready this time
he was floored that i got transferred to jerome
he couldn't wait to bring his girls to church to see me
...sunday morning as they were getting ready
he said, "i've got a surprise for you"
and his oldest said, "what? sister ramsey is here?"
he was so annoyed, like 'who told you?!'
and she responded, "i've been praying she'd get come to jerome."
faith like a child, is REAL people.
made my heart happy to hear that.
i am SO HAPPY.
sister walker is the sweetest.
but she is going home at the end of this transfer </3
...we are going to make breakthroughs this transfer
and we are studying all about my favorite things in life
luuuurve. and people.
our bishop's wife told us about this personality test thing
hahahaha we spend all day classifying people as a "1", "2", "3", or "4"
i'm a total "1" and she is a "2"
which is a perfect balance! hurrah!
she is from Gilbert, Arizona
& just a babe.
i'm just grateful.
my heart is full.
I am SO SO grateful for the way the Atonement of Jesus Christ has
cleansed, purified, and enabled
me to know that I am a LOVED and FORGIVEN
I am grateful for the spiritual gifts that we all possess
that diversifies life and keeps us needing each other.
I am grateful for all the love that has surrounded me all throughout my life.
for the way it has transformed me and
taught me and opened my heart to infinite possibilities.
I'm forever grateful to my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ
who infuse my life with purpose, peace and love. just keeps getting better.
sister ramsey
pic 2- @FHE... girl in the middle, CASSANDRA, is one of my favorite people and getting baptized next month!! love her!

Monday, October 13, 2014


i'm being transferred to JEROME.
still an STL.
this week was AMAZING.
elder golden of the seventy came.
spirit was felt.
mind was blown.
and outta time.
i hate packing.
ps. going to lunch with the WINMILLS. right now. DYING.
sister ramsey
pic is of the HUNTERS...and sis young! they got baptized this week! ahhhh i LOVE THEM. taught them in the south stake of twin. ;lakdfj;laskjfd;lksja I LOVE LYFE

Monday, October 6, 2014

make something happen

are you as happy as i am about conference?
the entire time all i could think was..
this is going too fast!
...which is how i feel about everything
i wish i had my notes close by!
it was absolutely beautiful
and there were 85+ people in attendance.
ahhhhhh. she is absolutely amazing
& full of so much
which is something I've been thinking about this week.
Sister Curtis (our mission president's wife)
said something at our MLC this week that iLoved
"hope is wishing something will happen
faith is believing something will happen
COURAGE is MAKING something happen."
this weekend we were so beautifully instructed by our leaders.
holland gets me. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
and jorg klebingat NAILED it. i loved his insights!
out of time.
love you all.
sister ramsey