Monday, March 31, 2014

the PRICE is riiiiiight

H A P P Y . O P E N I N G . D A Y . 
is wearing my Rays t-shirt and a skirt classy? 
because i've considered it all day.
i mean... it's pday? right?
someone tweet goodluck to @davidprice tonight for me ;)

i'm so jealous you guys are going to be at the trop tonight. and iiiiiii'm going to be in a halfway house. teaching elizabeth taylor {great name, eh?} and tia ....haha actually i love teaching them! we met elizabeth for the first time this week and she is SO prepared. she says...

"you know, i've just always believed that God wouldn't stop talking to his children. like through a prophet like he used to or something..." 

um. hi. wait. yes. JOSEPH SMITH. tommy monson. we have those. mormons. GENERAL CONFERENCE.this weekend. RESTORATION. this is it. you found it! ahhhhhhhhh

hey. have you heard? the Lord is hastening His work. haha seriously, i don't know why it keeps blowing my mind but the Lord is really preparing so many hearts to receive His gospel for the time of His coming. Alma13:24hearts are prepared and you can be the angel declaring. we have had the coolest discussions with elizabeth this week... goosebumps the entire time. she was so moved by the restoration and the prophet joseph smith. i'm so excited to watch conference with her this weekend because...


i swear... conference is world series type stuff in the mormon world. at least in mine. i'm soooo excited. i even made a paper chain a while ago to countdown (**shoutout to megan conley HATCH... i think that's your new last name? MISS YOU BABE)

share your notes with me next week. i cannot wait to hear from our prophet and apostles.
missed MOM and my girls saturday night during the women's broadcast.
woof. wasn't that a good one? 

love you guys like craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy.
oh and this week i got to do straight DEMOLITION SERVICE.
and it was awesome.
i got ruuuuulllll dirty and it was so fun.
minus the fact i didn't fit in the jeans i brought to work in.
literally could not bend my legs without cutting off circulation.

can't wait to go back to my old hippie eating wayz.

cheer on our boyz loud and proud tonight.
i'll be sleeping in rays gear.

sister longoria

Monday, March 24, 2014


k remember how much i hated PDTs at BYU? well now my life consists of PTT (pos-teaching texts) and its waaaaaaaaaaaaay better. i'll tell you more in a sec. hahaha #MISSIONLYFE IS SO GOOD.

did i tell you guys about jake? well jake is kellie's neighbor who lives just a few doors down and because of kellie, we were introduced to him. OMG. homeboy is so prepared. we met with him for the first time a week ago and it went really well. he is at a point in his life where he is ready to receive and live the gospel and it is so amazing. we had an apt with him this week and he is THIRSTING for it all. he said "it's been what...? a week since i met you guys and i already feel it. i'm so much happier and i'm just longing for more. i can feel it. i know it's true." needless to say, we set a baptism date for him that night, for April 26. #awesome 

THEN (it gets better) he's been texting us every day asking for a reading assignment. he says "whats the word for today?" ....wait you want more homework? #thisneverhappens haha so yesterday, after church, he's asking us all these questions over text about the stuff he's been reading. we answered his questions and he was just getting so excited. thaaaat's when we got the best PTT ever.


"ok so one more thought. can i get baptized before April 26 or is there a bunch of lessons?"

HAHAHAHAH WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTttttt. to say me and bigs were excited is an understatement. i was just screaming and laughing because I'M SORRY WHAT? WHY ARE YOU AWESOME.

you guys, this is so much fun. watching people change their lives and feel it so strong, so fast is amazing. i'm the happiest i've ever been on my mission and i'm so inspired to keep trying to be a better missionary so the Lord can work through me more. the field is SO white and freaking ready to harvest. 

so yep. that's the update this week. also me and bigs are officially on bikes and its still the funniest thing ever. my body is so happy to be moving and working again! and i laugh all day because we look ridiculous! it feels sooo good. i love bikes so much! we had matching beach cruisers for all of about a day... but they are not for hardcore missionary work so we're borrowing the elder's mountain bikes and we riiiiiiide.

the computer is about to kick me off!
bigs is teaching a lesson to some random in the library.
woop weeez a good team.

sista ramz

ps happy birthday shelby i love you!!!!
and kells i'm sorry i missed it yesterday. youz so old. I LOVE YOU

Monday, March 17, 2014

twin take two

dude. serving in twin has serious perks. the people here are SO kind. members take such good care of us &&&& my little badge does so much! sometimes it makes people super happy and feel the need to talk forever and sometimes it just makes people go MAD. my favorite thing would probably be when people pay for our food haha #fatgirlprobs. this week a super GENEROUS man covered our whole district's tab when we went out to sushi this week.  #hegotstacks ahhhh it was the best. also, one of our elders ate a HEAPING FORK FULL of wasabi while we were there. for not enough money. oh my. hahahah it was so funny.

this week was SO GOOD. KELLIE GOT BAPTIZED on Saturday, which was amazing! We had so many nonmembers at her baptism and she bore her testimony and it was powerful! Her nonmember husband also shared some thoughts at the end and he was so moved by the whole thing! she is going to be such an incredible missionary. she is not afraid to say way she thinks and she is trying to convert her whole family. her enthusiasm and love for the gospel inspires me! she has truly been one of my favorite people to teach! 

and then yesterday we met such an incredible woman! her name is Reba and we just hit it off with her! she just kept saying "oh girls, we are going to be sisters forever." i CANNOT wait to start teaching her. people aremaking my mission more than i could've ever dreamed!

president called this weekend and informed us that me and bigs are stickin together for another round! YESSSSS. we are so happy. first transfer meeting i'll miss! . f i n a l l y. 

brookie i hope you had the best birthday Saturday! when are you getting your permit?! oh my that's a scary thought. hahaha LOVE YOU BABE. and a big happy birthday to Aunt Becky!! and kellee! and shelby! AHH SO MANY BIRFDAYS. you go shawties. 

i love you all and miss you like CRAZY.
kinda sad no one updated my about BYU basketball
what. is. happening?

love ya heeps and heeps

sister ramsey

ps: my new address is 

473 Lois St.
Twin Falls, ID 83301

Monday, March 10, 2014

you tryna tract?

sooooo this week our District Leader challenged us to knock on at least ten doors a day. i wish someone would've told us to do it sooner because tracting is soooooo funny. YOU GUYS. MY LIFE IS SO AWKWARD.

for instance.

we knock on this one lady's door... nooooot sure what language she is speaking. i spoke some spanish to her to see if that was it.... nope. she could understand and speak {VERY LITTLE} english, but once we said Jesus, she let us in the door. #JCforthewin

come to find out, she's from Iran and speaks Farsi. her brother called her from Iran and she made us speak English to him and she told us he is 25 and buff and we should be together. hahaha then she offered CHOBANI yogurt. after, she stepped into the restroom and i just started laughing so hard.

i'm in a complete stanger's apartment, who we can barely communicate with, eating yogurt and trying to talk about God. hahahah #wut #missionlyfe

BUT we did have some success with tracting! we found a former investigator who was so nice to us and super happy to make a return appointment! whoop! oh ANNNNNNND sister bigelow had her first door slam experience. we met the angriest old lady e.v.e.r. we knocked on her door and she straight up cussed us off her porch. i just watched her throw her fit as she yelled at me "YOU HAVE GOT SOME NERVE TO KNOCK ON MY DOOR!!!" and slammed it shut as i walked away smiling. however, sista bigs booked it in complete shock. as soon as we got around the corner i died laughing. hahahah sister bigelow was speechless. 

ahh this week was great. we had some great exchanges where I got to go back over to the Burley area!! i miss those old stomping grounds. aaaaand i was really inspired by the President of our Stake. He helped me realize that my mission is so much more than 18 months. He helped me realize why God calls all worthy priesthood holders on a mission. Its so much more then 18 months or 2 years and I'm just really really grateful to be here. I want to be apart of this work forever. 

our girl KELLIE get baptized this weekend. she. is. the. best. and it's going to be oh so good. 

i'll be thinkin of you all day miss brookie.

i'm so happy.
and so grateful. 

sister ramsey

"you got SOME NERVE to knock on my door"
me and sis bigs being attacked by a ginga district

Monday, March 3, 2014

it's who you know right?

right? okay, first of all. DAD. YOU PLAYED GOLF WITH JOE MADDON. stop it. i diiiiied at that. i need to see your pictures with him & matt! are we on first name basis with them? did you talk to david for me? remember that? #twitterlove #dm  haha my whole family was j chillin with famous people this weekend. galas. golf tournies. don't worry, i just talk to strangers all day, err day on a mission. its fine. 

speakin of... here, i've made friends with the office couples and GUESS WHO GOT HOOKED UP WITH A BRAND NEW APARTMENT this week?! solo doloooooooooo.

serious. it's the nicest apartment in the mission. 3 bed. 2 bath. DISHWASHER. brand new errthang. me and bigs are chillllllen in our #minithugmansion

haha so that was a perk this week. also HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD. i was thinking about you all day!!!! we had a zone meeting on your birthday! it was great. i kept thinking about the kind of missionary you probably were... leadin out in meetings like that. love that i'm experiencing all of this.

saturday we went to the Stake baptisms and I was so touched. There were 3 little girls in our ward getting baptized and while we were waiting for the other ward to go, we were all sitting in the chapel. We sang "I'm a Child of God" and then they asked the three girls and sister bigelow and I to come up and stand in front of the congregation. The guy conducting put the girls in front, and us right behind them and talked about how these girls are making an important decision in their life to follow Jesus Christ and that if they continue doing so, in ten years they could be like us, representing Him and serving a mission. I was really moved by the whole thing and felt humbled to be that kind of an example. After, the man conducting invited us to both share our testimonies of the Savior and it was awesome. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. 

every day gets better. me and sister bigelow are happy together. so happy, infact, that we got matching bangs today. hahaha oops. i was dying for a change with my hurrrr. yolol

love being here. thank you thank you for all your love and support. 
the gospel is true. 
god is so good.
know He's in charge.

keep fightin the good fight, fam. 
go cougs.

sister ramsey

pic- i MUSTACHE you a question... like da bangz?! #iwannabezoe #imissnewgirl