Monday, March 17, 2014

twin take two

dude. serving in twin has serious perks. the people here are SO kind. members take such good care of us &&&& my little badge does so much! sometimes it makes people super happy and feel the need to talk forever and sometimes it just makes people go MAD. my favorite thing would probably be when people pay for our food haha #fatgirlprobs. this week a super GENEROUS man covered our whole district's tab when we went out to sushi this week.  #hegotstacks ahhhh it was the best. also, one of our elders ate a HEAPING FORK FULL of wasabi while we were there. for not enough money. oh my. hahahah it was so funny.

this week was SO GOOD. KELLIE GOT BAPTIZED on Saturday, which was amazing! We had so many nonmembers at her baptism and she bore her testimony and it was powerful! Her nonmember husband also shared some thoughts at the end and he was so moved by the whole thing! she is going to be such an incredible missionary. she is not afraid to say way she thinks and she is trying to convert her whole family. her enthusiasm and love for the gospel inspires me! she has truly been one of my favorite people to teach! 

and then yesterday we met such an incredible woman! her name is Reba and we just hit it off with her! she just kept saying "oh girls, we are going to be sisters forever." i CANNOT wait to start teaching her. people aremaking my mission more than i could've ever dreamed!

president called this weekend and informed us that me and bigs are stickin together for another round! YESSSSS. we are so happy. first transfer meeting i'll miss! . f i n a l l y. 

brookie i hope you had the best birthday Saturday! when are you getting your permit?! oh my that's a scary thought. hahaha LOVE YOU BABE. and a big happy birthday to Aunt Becky!! and kellee! and shelby! AHH SO MANY BIRFDAYS. you go shawties. 

i love you all and miss you like CRAZY.
kinda sad no one updated my about BYU basketball
what. is. happening?

love ya heeps and heeps

sister ramsey

ps: my new address is 

473 Lois St.
Twin Falls, ID 83301

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