Monday, March 10, 2014

you tryna tract?

sooooo this week our District Leader challenged us to knock on at least ten doors a day. i wish someone would've told us to do it sooner because tracting is soooooo funny. YOU GUYS. MY LIFE IS SO AWKWARD.

for instance.

we knock on this one lady's door... nooooot sure what language she is speaking. i spoke some spanish to her to see if that was it.... nope. she could understand and speak {VERY LITTLE} english, but once we said Jesus, she let us in the door. #JCforthewin

come to find out, she's from Iran and speaks Farsi. her brother called her from Iran and she made us speak English to him and she told us he is 25 and buff and we should be together. hahaha then she offered CHOBANI yogurt. after, she stepped into the restroom and i just started laughing so hard.

i'm in a complete stanger's apartment, who we can barely communicate with, eating yogurt and trying to talk about God. hahahah #wut #missionlyfe

BUT we did have some success with tracting! we found a former investigator who was so nice to us and super happy to make a return appointment! whoop! oh ANNNNNNND sister bigelow had her first door slam experience. we met the angriest old lady e.v.e.r. we knocked on her door and she straight up cussed us off her porch. i just watched her throw her fit as she yelled at me "YOU HAVE GOT SOME NERVE TO KNOCK ON MY DOOR!!!" and slammed it shut as i walked away smiling. however, sista bigs booked it in complete shock. as soon as we got around the corner i died laughing. hahahah sister bigelow was speechless. 

ahh this week was great. we had some great exchanges where I got to go back over to the Burley area!! i miss those old stomping grounds. aaaaand i was really inspired by the President of our Stake. He helped me realize that my mission is so much more than 18 months. He helped me realize why God calls all worthy priesthood holders on a mission. Its so much more then 18 months or 2 years and I'm just really really grateful to be here. I want to be apart of this work forever. 

our girl KELLIE get baptized this weekend. she. is. the. best. and it's going to be oh so good. 

i'll be thinkin of you all day miss brookie.

i'm so happy.
and so grateful. 

sister ramsey

"you got SOME NERVE to knock on my door"
me and sis bigs being attacked by a ginga district

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