Monday, March 3, 2014

it's who you know right?

right? okay, first of all. DAD. YOU PLAYED GOLF WITH JOE MADDON. stop it. i diiiiied at that. i need to see your pictures with him & matt! are we on first name basis with them? did you talk to david for me? remember that? #twitterlove #dm  haha my whole family was j chillin with famous people this weekend. galas. golf tournies. don't worry, i just talk to strangers all day, err day on a mission. its fine. 

speakin of... here, i've made friends with the office couples and GUESS WHO GOT HOOKED UP WITH A BRAND NEW APARTMENT this week?! solo doloooooooooo.

serious. it's the nicest apartment in the mission. 3 bed. 2 bath. DISHWASHER. brand new errthang. me and bigs are chillllllen in our #minithugmansion

haha so that was a perk this week. also HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD. i was thinking about you all day!!!! we had a zone meeting on your birthday! it was great. i kept thinking about the kind of missionary you probably were... leadin out in meetings like that. love that i'm experiencing all of this.

saturday we went to the Stake baptisms and I was so touched. There were 3 little girls in our ward getting baptized and while we were waiting for the other ward to go, we were all sitting in the chapel. We sang "I'm a Child of God" and then they asked the three girls and sister bigelow and I to come up and stand in front of the congregation. The guy conducting put the girls in front, and us right behind them and talked about how these girls are making an important decision in their life to follow Jesus Christ and that if they continue doing so, in ten years they could be like us, representing Him and serving a mission. I was really moved by the whole thing and felt humbled to be that kind of an example. After, the man conducting invited us to both share our testimonies of the Savior and it was awesome. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. 

every day gets better. me and sister bigelow are happy together. so happy, infact, that we got matching bangs today. hahaha oops. i was dying for a change with my hurrrr. yolol

love being here. thank you thank you for all your love and support. 
the gospel is true. 
god is so good.
know He's in charge.

keep fightin the good fight, fam. 
go cougs.

sister ramsey

pic- i MUSTACHE you a question... like da bangz?! #iwannabezoe #imissnewgirl

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