Monday, February 24, 2014

life. is. good.

i'm just sooo soo happy. mission life is the good life. 

most days. haha

this week was really really good! sis bigelow got sick... which sucked for her... but i got a free nap! and i got to update our area book! and make cute stuff for lessons. SO WADDUP. i enjoyed it for her! i'm tellin you. i've always been really really great with free time. which, i don't get to have on a mission. so that was a fun change. and we still taught a ton of lessons so it was great!

our girl KELLIE set a baptismal date for March 15 {holla brookie's bday} and it was so awesome. after we set it and we were talking about it a little bit, she was like, "You know that feeling. When you're riding up a huge roller coaster and your heart is going nuts and it feels like it's about to pop outta your chest and you just almost can't take it?!..... that's how I feel right now." #spiritualhighs #highlife #cantstopwontstop

we also spent some good time tracting so sis bigelow could have the experience and I realized I love it. we meet the most raaaaaaaaaandom people and sometimes our conversations are so funny. the weather was in the 50's this week so it was a super great for just being out and talking to people. mission life is good. 

i was reading this morning and I FAH-REAKING love the scriptures. so much. i've been working on having more meaningful personal studies and it's been so much fun. i'm seeing things i've never seen before and learning things i need right now. its fun. this is the best work to be apart of. I love what the Lord tells Peter in D&C when he says "the thing which will be of the most worth unto you will be to declare repentance unto this people, that you may bring souls unto me, that you may rest with them in the Kingdom of my Father." I just wanna chill with all my frenz in the Celestial Kingdom, so lets get there, K? K. love you guys.

until next week.
hugs and kisses snitches.
XOXO, gg

...i mean sister ramsey. 

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