Monday, April 28, 2014

cheers? to change? meh.

i just can't even think straight.
......will be no longer.

and i just don't have the emojis to explain how i feel.

transfers are happening this week and we are so sad. 
i'm staying in the area and sister young will be joining me
aaaaand we are takin on the elder's ward, so now we will be covering two wards.
i'm excited. but sad. but happy. but not.
because sis bigs and i just groove.
BUT i know president is inspired... because anytime i've dreaded a transfer, it always turns out to be inspired. SO HERES TO TRUSTING.

this week was really good. the dust kinda settled with some of our investigators and things are going well again. we had a ward party this weekend and it was quite the turn out! we even met a nonmember and she said she'd love to met with missionaries, so that was awesome. afterwards we were just talking to Bishop and his family and I LOVE THEM. The Kears are seriously the best people ever. And their story about how they met on their mission just kills me. And I'm just really grateful for how they take care of us. For example, they know we're broke and dropped off a bunch of fruit and veggies at our apartment-- the best i tell ya. 

i'm just sad cause we planned a ward talent show with them and me and bigs were going to teach all the youth the EFY dances. HAHAHA. because bigs is a dancer. and used to choreograph. and i just like to dance. 

aaaanyway. I CANNOT wait to talk to you guys SO SOON. i think it will have to be later in the evening because we are in church from 7:30-4:00 #ifinallygetyourchurchlyfedad #3hoursisnothing 

church is true.
book is blue.
and so is my heart.

sister ramz

Monday, April 21, 2014

because of Him

i'm with van and bethy on this one
errr' one needs to watch:

this video is incredible! i just love this Easter season. President Curtis gave us a "40 Day Feast" packet full of articles and readings about the Savior and His Atonement. Over the past month and a half, my testimony of the Savior has grown so much.  the longer i'm out on my mission, the more i realize that i want nothing more than to be apart of this gospel forever... i want to help build up His kingdom and share the love I feel for our Savior with all whom i come in contact with by the way i treat them and love them. 

He is our exemplar, our Savior, our Redeemer, our advocate with the Father, our strength and our friend. I love Him & I can't wait for our reunion with Him again, someday. I love learning about Him and His life and His Atonement. it is everything. often, I feel inadequate about representing Him, but I am grateful for the opportunity I have to bear testimony of Him daily and to love and serve those whom I meet.

i love you guys and have thought about and missed you lots this week. luckily, our Bishop and his family are the best and take care of us :) Dad, did I tell you that both the Bishop and his wife served in Charolette, NC?!!! And Bishop is from Arizona... Mesa, I think? His name is Matthew Kear. Do you know a Becky Allred? Is she a cousin of yours? Because if so, you two met. Haha aaaaanyway.

hope you have the best week.

sister ramsey

temple day with biggie smalls. love her.
i miss hiking utard

Monday, April 14, 2014

its gotta be a rollercoaster, eh?

things were just going toooooo perfect.
hahaha so needless to say, this week....
was rough.

jake's baptism had to be pushed back due to a few unasked questions on our part... it was no fun. we felthorrible. ugh. luckily jake is solid and isn't really phased by the whole thing. he has a great attitude and testimony and we'll keep workin with him to get him ready by summer time.

an elder in my district is currently trying to convince me and bigs to do the "caprisun challenge" with them? 15 in 15 minutes. basically they are asking us to puke. #onlysistersinthedistrict #eldershavedumbideas hahaha

we had a zone conference this week, which was really good. i love our leaders and i'm inspired to try a little harder to be a little better!

aaaaalso we got locked out of our apartment this week and got to hang out with our neighbor, Love, from Georgia. I LOVE HER. She makes me want to be a better neighbor, because she is the best. and she would be the best missionary-- soooo the elders need to come teach her. (we live outside our area) She is our southern belle with a southern accent and she is my favorite momma on the block.

thoughts this week?

there is strength in our commitments.
there is peace in our covenants.
there is power in our obedience.

stay commited. stay on track. and stay with Him.
that is my testimony.
we get to go to the temple this week.
juuuuust what i need.
i hope you guys have the best time at the Ft.Lauderdale open house!
send me lots of pics!!!! i wish i was there with you!
one day. 
also i hit 7 months this week. 
down to a month-left count.

sister ramsey

Monday, April 7, 2014


sad that it's over.

haha YOU GUYS. wasn't conference SO good?! we watched it with investigators all weekend and it was P O W E R F U L. not that i support those blessed feminists (cough) buuuut we watched Priesthood session with some of our people (does that make me a feminist? is that aloud? haha) and IT WAS AWESOME. Elder Eyring went way up in my book with his reference to Joe DiMaggio and baseball heroes. HA loved that. Seems hard to pick a favorite from the weekend, but here's some things that stood out to me.

"LOVE is the very essence 
of the gospel and 
is our exemplar."
-President Thomas S. Monson

"Blame keeps wounds open.
Only forgiveness heals."
-President Thomas S. Monson

"The gospel is not weight, 
it's wings."
-Jean A. Stevens

(loved this talk. s/o to @k8hansen)
-Gary E. Stevenson

"Gratitude is a catalyst for
all other Christ-like attributes"
-Elder Uchtdorf (loved)

"Is the load I am carrying providing me the spiritual traction 
I need to get back to my Father in Heaven?"
(this was golden)
-Elder Bednar

"If you are not proactive in educating your desires, 
the world will do it for you."
(p o w e r f u l insights)
-Randall L. Ridd

"Who you ARE is 
NOT who you can BECOME."
-Donald L. Hallstrom

I could go on and on. My journal is full of conference doodles and notes. LOVED Brother Teh's Sundayafternoon, Elder Scott's talk about loving others, Elder Cook's about temples and Family History work, AND OF COURSE Elder Ballard's about following up and missionary work. He inspired me to want to more fully study PMG every day FOREVER. And to learn from YOU, my family back at home. So include with me your insights when you study it this week :)

My PMG blurb this week?

"Repentance involves a change of heart and a desire to forsake a sin and serve God... It requires that people increase their commitment to live in agreement with God's will." -PMG pg. 8

Conference this weekend increased my faith and inspired me to repent and increase my commitment to live in agreement with God's will."

I hope it did that for all of us. I CANNOT wait for the Ensign to come out so we can read and treasure up the words of our modern day prophets and church leaders. As the Stake President serving here in Twin says, 

"[General Conference] will be our walk and our talk for the next six months." 

LOVE YOU ALL. and hope your hearts are full from the spirit of conference.
mine is bursting at the seams. {like my jeans.}

Jake gets baptized this weekend!
it'll be a goodie.
if a camera got here in time, i woooouldn't be mad lol.
no pressure.

i love this calling
i love this work
i LOVE these people
and i love my Heavenly Father.
and you.

sister ramsey

ps: watched conference with a 90 year old lady this weekend and after Pres. Uchtdorf finished reading all the names from the sustaining of the leaders, she said, 

"um, what country are we in?"

hahaha her comments were priceless.