Monday, December 30, 2013

"my armpits smell like cake."

QUOTE: Tommy, 5 years old. hahaha I love little kids. and I MISS holding them. it's seriously torture and some little kids tempt me SO much. like they come and try and sit on my lap or hold on to my neck and pick up their feet and try and get me to hold them. GAH. I feel like Satan pushing them off. #missionaryprobs
BEST WEEK EVER. Ahhhh I'm so happy that I got to Skype you guys this week! AAAAND talk to Stone through Skype, through the phone. hahah those were the best tears I cried all week. My Christmas day was good. there is nothinnnnnnnnnnnn like the mission, that's for sure. hahaha it's awesome though! The members SPOILED us! We got stockings filled a few times by different sisters in the ward and they just totally took care of us and made our day special!
Come day after Christmas, the Lord has kept us BUSY! And I'm so grateful because I've barely had time to think about home or missing the holidays with you guys. This week we contacted a lot of referrals and got two new investigators and talked to a lottttt of different people! Yesterday after church, my jaw was so tight and my head was POUNDING from all the talking that we were naturally Sister James blocked off one of the doors in the church building and I did a nice long headstand and it did the trick and we kept going till 9! Ha! #yogiforlyfe
I'm so, so grateful to be serving a mission. I know that Christ lives and that it is essential that we come to know Him. I think one of my favorite names for our Savior is that He is our Advocate with the Father. I don't know about you, but if there's anyone that I want to help plead my case before Heavenly Father, I want it to be our Savior. I want him to be able to tell him... "No, I know Miss Lauren Gayle and she knows me. She tried her best and my graceis sufficient for her."
May our resolutions this year include becoming more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is "the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by [Him]."
sister ramsey
me: "hey can you help us find a street on base? we forgot our map."
airbase guard: "sure...whatchya lookin for?"
me: "where is ratchet?"
guard: **looks at me like I'm crazy and laughs
me: "hahaha I'm not kidding! That's a real street!"
guard: (he's black FYI) "boo there aint no such thing as ratchet 'round here. WE IN  I D A H O."
PS- anyone know how to get in touch with Usher's manager?! I would like to ask him to record me some hymns so that I don't have to suffer without Sunday night slow jamz any longer.  
PSS- HOLLA TO MY GIRL K8 HANSEN GHOSTFACEKILLA goin to the OLYPMICS. so incredibly proud of her. probs old news but I'm servin this thing called a mish and I'm outta the loop. LOVE YOU GIRL. #TTYL #BRB #GTSAM 

Monday, December 23, 2013


The names JAMES. Jessie James...aka my new companion...aka she's not actually an outlaw and the only thing she's going to rob people of is their trip to the telestial. #merrychristmas
this week was really good! and really crazy with trips to Twin Falls for transfers aaaand our mission Christmas dinner... it was the bessssssssssst. I hadn't seen Sister Wright since our transfer 5 weeks ago and it was just too long. oh I love that girl. AND Sister Bly (my MTC companion).... she is my sister. Having the whole mission together was a dream. They held a talent show, which was a lot of fun and then a dinner and a devotional. I'm so happy to be a missionary now. It's so humbling to be surrounded by so many incredible people...180 missionaries, mission leaders, members, General Authorities, etc. Ahhh it was invigorating.
THANK YOU THANK YOU to all those who have sent me a little somethin in the mail. I don't deserve it all, but I'm GRATEFUL for each and every one of you. I feel soo lucky to have you in my life!!
TWO DAYS TILL WE CAN SKYPE. I'm dying. I'm so excited. 60 minutes. I'm so jealous you guys are in Tennessee but I hope you are loooooooooooving Christmas break and relishing the season. This is the best time of year & the spirit of Christ just fills the world. I wish it happened more then once a year... maybe with 80,000 missionaries out, we can make it last all year round. Ha, that would be somethin.
I LOVE YOU GUYS so much. And I hope all who read this knows HOW MUCH I love you! I can't even put it all into words.
Merry Christmas LOVAS.
sister ramsey

my last district
j chillin with Mary J Bly

Monday, December 16, 2013

anotha day, anotha dolla

hiiiiiiiiiiii. first off, THANK YOU DAD. seriously my future hubs has his job cut out for him... for more reasons then one... but mostly because I've had YOU as my dad. couldn't be more lucky. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW YOU COULD SEND A CHRISTMAS TREE. hahahaha that was seriously the best surprise ever. I was just telling Sis Cluff earlier that day that we should get ourselves a little tree. #INSPIRED #cantstopwontstop
and momma. you know me TOO WELL. Mr. Buble' has been playing non-stop in our car ever since I got that CD. hahahha I LOVE YOU. best Christmas album. you guys are great at sending Christmas spirit via mail. #props
i don't have a ton of time today but this week was a good one!! sister cluff and I don't have a ton of time left together cause transfers are WEDNESDAY & we got calls last night that our area is splitting and we both are training... haha #what 
I'll be covering 3 out of our 4 wards that we have now, so i'm stoked about that. Sister Cluff is staying in Mt. Home and covering two of the wards that our elders have... on BIKES. #woof
soooo pray for us both! I have to act like I know somethin' and Cluff Diddy and her new comp are going to freeze their butts off! haha it's going to be great! I'm going to miss Sister Cluff though... We've decided that there probably couldn't be two more opposite people in existence buuuuut it's been a fun five weeks. I can't tell you how many times she's called me "apostate" or just looked at me in awe after I do something retarded (like roll over the hood and pretend she hit me with the car)... haha we don't get each other. BUt we actually had the bestttt conversation this week... we read our little daily dose (aka a scripture at night) and it normally takes 30 seconds. 3 HOURS LATER we were still talking and we had the most in depth, mind blowing, AH-HA conversation ever. and it was awesome. and then I threw up 7 pages worth of words to try and record it all in my journal so that I could remember everything that we talked about. GAH I don't know how anyone can get bored with the gospel. the concept of eternity could keep you thinking for hours.'s the coolest thing ever.
I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. I love the way the spirit enlightens our minds and can help us learn and stretch and grow. I think my favorite thing ever is when I'm teaching someone, but I realize I'm learning too.
I love you all and hope you are having a great week. 9 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS. hand written letters are my only Christmas wish. I cannot wait to skypeeeeeeee.
Remember the reason for the season and LOVE someone. SERVE someone. BE someone, someone else needs.
sister ramsey
suuuper awkward moment of the week:
this week we were having dinner over at someone's house and while we were sharing our little spiritual thought with the fam, their little CHAWEENIE (chihuahua/ wiener dog mix...funniest name ever) comes over and mounts my arm. I'M SORRY NO. NOT OKAYYY YOU LITTLE ****. hahahaha nothing to drive away the spirit like....that.
peace & blessins.

Monday, December 9, 2013

"so vintage. so rad slash it needs some TLC."

that's sister cluff quoting me. hahaha you should see her impersonate me doing my ghetto voice. it's the funniest. did i ever tell you guys she's from Springerville? She knows alllllllll about snowflake and show low and small town livin. Her parents live on like 60 acres or something up there. i wonder if we've ever crossed paths before... haha small world.

i can't believe it's already Monday again... these weeks go by SO fast. we only have like a week and a half left in our transfer!! Each week I'm out Heavenly Father pushes me a little more and it's awesome.

so last week we met this guy named TJ at our Thanksgiving dinner with our islander and we told him a little bit about what we do as missionaries and we invited him to come to church on Sunday but he gave us a reason as to why he wouldn't be able to so we said okay and went about our Thanksgiving dinner. Then on Sunday, HE SHOWED UP. What? Later in the week we stopped by and talked to him about it and he said that he loved church and was so impressed at how welcoming everyone was! Then we gave him a BOM & invited him to read and set up an apt to come back and teach him. 

Last night, we met at his house and had such an incredible lesson! Ahhh Heavenly Father is truly PREPARING so many of his children to accept the gospel. TJ is such a humble guy and he is so willing to follow whatever God puts in front of him, even if he is unsure about it or it doesn't make sense. He's not sure why God brought him out here to Idaho all by himself{makes two of us, haha}, but he feels the spirit prompting him to stay here and not go back to California. We taught him most of the first lesson and invited him to be baptized and he said yes! I feel like TJ has taught me that it is truly our mission to just INVITE. Heavenly Father is doing all the work and guiding people back to Him, according to His timing for each of His children. I love seeing how the Lord works and feel blessed that he allows me to help. 

God works through each and every one of us when we muster up the courage to invite our friends to share our testimonies and the happiness we feel because of the gospel. This weekend I gave a talk on being converted to the gospel and it hit me that when we are truly converted, we take the testimony Heavenly Father has blessed us with and we do something about it. When we act and become and do something with our testimonies, we become converted and we experience a change of heart. I LOVED Elder Eyring's message this month... he says: 

"The Lord makes that commandment [D&C 88:81] easier to obey through the change that occurs in your heart as you accept and live the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a result, your love for others grows, as does your desire for them to have the same happiness you have experienced.....

Christmastime turns our hearts to the Savior and to the joy His gospel has brought us. We show our gratitude to Him best as we offer that happiness to others. Gratitude is turned to joy as we offer names to missionaries and as we take the names of our ancestors to the temple. That evidence of our gratitude can make friends and families that endure forever."

I love that! And I love you guys! Invite all of TAMPA to Night in Bethlehem!! haha I'm so sad I won't be there. No worries though... The Love Abiding Christian Church aka the ONLY black-choir in Mountain Home, ID performed at the Nativity event that happened at our Stake Center. OH MAN. It was the best thing ever and made me feel like I was right back in the South for a minute. I talked to them after and they made me SO happy!! This is the best time of year. Especially since it's a balmy 2 degrees today.

I LOVE YOU GUYS. t minus 15 days? till we get to skype!!! AH I CAN"T WAIT.

sister ramsey

Monday, December 2, 2013


DECEMBER SAY WHAT? this is one of my favorite times of the year! Every time I hear Angels We Have Heard on High, I get super excited and think about Night in Bethlehem and then I get sad about missing it! Someone send me the sound track... cough... Jay? Dolly? Mountain Home is actually doing something similar to NIB, but it's called the Creche'. Sounds fancy buuuut I'm not sure anything can top NIB. I'll keep you updated

Speaking of sad. PAUL WALKER DIED? Tell me social media is in mourning for this loss of beauty. One of our investigators told me last night and I was so upset. Hahaha I probably could've cried over it buuuut Sis Cluff has made mevery aware of our calling as of late and I'm trying to represent Jesus Christ better. Do you know what kind of mantle that is?! She's pointed out to me...a number of times... that I still say things that Jesus Christ proooooobably wouldn't be saying if He were here. Hahahaha she's kept a quote book and by reading it, I sound like the most inappropriate missionary in existence. FOR THE RECORD... it's all clean. It's just funny. Haha someone needs to send me one of the WWJD bracelets from the south.

I'm so glad you guys had such a good Thanksgiving! Mine was a lot of fun! We had 3 dinners scheduled but luckilyyyy one had to cancel so it was great! Our last one was with John, from Guam, and we had an island Thanksgiving with fried fish (head, tail, and all) aaaaand straight up RAW fish in Wasabi. hahahah so good. I've eaten more sweets and COOKIES this week than I can even count. OH MY. i love it.

so much happened this week and I don't have any time to write about it. BUT starting yesterday, our mission has set out to study about the Savior each and every day this month in our studies and I'd invite you to do the same. I am SO grateful for Jesus Christ and for the Atonement. The more I study and apply Christ's doctrine, the more I learn about Him. And the more we learn about Him, the better we know Him. We have to know Him to become like Him. 

I love you all SO MUCH and think about you daily! We are in this together. As Stone's letter I got in the mail this week said: #thisishowwedo #ramzgang (his letter had 20+ hashtags in it. hahahahaha i've created a monster)

PSALMS 100:3-5
Sis Ramsey