Monday, December 2, 2013


DECEMBER SAY WHAT? this is one of my favorite times of the year! Every time I hear Angels We Have Heard on High, I get super excited and think about Night in Bethlehem and then I get sad about missing it! Someone send me the sound track... cough... Jay? Dolly? Mountain Home is actually doing something similar to NIB, but it's called the Creche'. Sounds fancy buuuut I'm not sure anything can top NIB. I'll keep you updated

Speaking of sad. PAUL WALKER DIED? Tell me social media is in mourning for this loss of beauty. One of our investigators told me last night and I was so upset. Hahaha I probably could've cried over it buuuut Sis Cluff has made mevery aware of our calling as of late and I'm trying to represent Jesus Christ better. Do you know what kind of mantle that is?! She's pointed out to me...a number of times... that I still say things that Jesus Christ proooooobably wouldn't be saying if He were here. Hahahaha she's kept a quote book and by reading it, I sound like the most inappropriate missionary in existence. FOR THE RECORD... it's all clean. It's just funny. Haha someone needs to send me one of the WWJD bracelets from the south.

I'm so glad you guys had such a good Thanksgiving! Mine was a lot of fun! We had 3 dinners scheduled but luckilyyyy one had to cancel so it was great! Our last one was with John, from Guam, and we had an island Thanksgiving with fried fish (head, tail, and all) aaaaand straight up RAW fish in Wasabi. hahahah so good. I've eaten more sweets and COOKIES this week than I can even count. OH MY. i love it.

so much happened this week and I don't have any time to write about it. BUT starting yesterday, our mission has set out to study about the Savior each and every day this month in our studies and I'd invite you to do the same. I am SO grateful for Jesus Christ and for the Atonement. The more I study and apply Christ's doctrine, the more I learn about Him. And the more we learn about Him, the better we know Him. We have to know Him to become like Him. 

I love you all SO MUCH and think about you daily! We are in this together. As Stone's letter I got in the mail this week said: #thisishowwedo #ramzgang (his letter had 20+ hashtags in it. hahahahaha i've created a monster)

PSALMS 100:3-5
Sis Ramsey 

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