Monday, November 25, 2013

"We chill, me and Him"

YOU GUYS. missions are seriously awesome. but missions are hard. I never understood what "hard" meant, until I got here. and it's nothing I can really explain either. just sendin out a big WORDDDDDDDDDD to all those returned missionaries out there. haha
My mission is teaching me so much. It's especially teaching me how to turn OUT. There are times and days when I just don't feel like being a missionary but I have to do it anyway. I just keep moving, keep working, keep praying, and thinking of someone else besides myself. I'm so grateful to have these 18 months to practice that because it definitely isn't a natural thing for me to want to all the time, ha. This is good. This is real good.
This week the Lord was good to us! I fiiiiiinally got to meet with a guy named John, who Sis Cluff and her old companion met with once or twice before and he is awesome. He is from Guam and he LOVES the gospel. He is so floored that every question that he's ever had is so easily answered and that the spirit is always accompanied with everything that he learns. We met with him this week and had a really good discussion with him and set a baptismal date for December. Ah, he's so great. He was tellin me about his relationship with the Lord and he said, AND I QUOTE, "We chill, me and Him. It's like we're on a whole 'nother level." hahaha
ALSO, we met a guy named Chad this week and had the best lesson. He lives on the Air Force Base, which means we can't go over without a member or an apt, so we went over with Sister Hyer (who is the best RM ever). He loves talking about religion and stuff so we got talking about God and he told us that he wished that he could say, with the same conviction as we did, that he knows that God lives. Obviously, we told him that was possible and we challenged him to read the Book of Mormon. I had shared my experience with the Book of Mormon this year and how I followed Alma 32:27 and "experimented on the word" in 50 days... it was all clicking for Chad and he took up the challenge to do the same. Ahhhh it was seriouslyawesome. The spirit was so strong and we all felt it. Chad looked at Sis Hyer and said, "Did Salt Lake send her or something...?" haha, why yes. a prophet actually. shall we meet next week and talk about it? yessss, yes we should.
AND Molly and Echo had their baptism and confirmations this weekend. It was beautiful! I love being on a mission because it's reminding me how important baptism is. That sounds obvious but I haven't thought about my actual baptism a ton since, I don't know when... But being here, seeing people who have gone 30, 40 years without the gospel and then seeing them be baptized, it's somethin' else. You can see it in their eyes!
Well I love you guys a TON. This week will be weird without you all around the table for Thanksgiving but I'm sure it will be great! We have SO much to be grateful for. Where would we be without each other?! Where would we be without the gospel?! My heart is so full thinking about how good our God is.
I love him. I know He lives. CLING to His gospel and He'll never let you down.
sister ramsey 

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