Monday, November 18, 2013

Country Rooooad.....

...MOUNTAIN HOOOOOOOOOOOME. this is the place i belongggggggg!" 

John Denver anyone? haha Mountain Home is my new area and it's great! It's a lot different from Burley but I think I'll warm up to it soon. Everything and everyone is so spread out, so I'm really grateful we have a car. If we're being honest... I miss being in a biking area already. Haha, i know. WHAT? I'm already becoming so diva over turning on the heat as fast as possible when we get in the car that I miss the tough(ish) girl who rode a bike everywhere in this weather. Aaaand when you're on bikes, you feel like the Lord called you to be the town greeter. I miss feeling like it was my job to wave "hi" to everyone and the convenience of being able to stop and talk to someone or help someone bring in groceries. Biking areas definitely have their perks. But for now, I'll enjoy turning the heat down for my companion because I'm roasting her in the car. Ha.

Speaking of my companion.... Her name is Sister Cluff and she is so funny. She reminds me SO MUCH of Kelsie Catrelli (aka Sister Kelsie Thompson). You know how Kelsie would always call me "absurd" and "outrageous" and things of such nature... Sister Cluff does the same. Hahahaha she is awesome. She is super quiet but once we're teaching, she's really powerful. She is our designated driver and hates it. Like I've never seen anyone hate driving SO much. She said she used to avoid it at all costs and so watching her drive everywhere just makes me laugh. I told her I never knew I would pay for having a lead foot so much on my mission... and she corrected me and said, "never knew I would be paying so much foryour lead foot on my mission." But it's a good thing we're out in the middle of nowhere, where the population of this entire city is like 10,000 cause there is like no traffic. ever. haha it's a quiet place.

To be honest, this week was a rough transition for me. There is not a lot happening here in Mountain Home and we are covering four different wards and are only teaching a few people. That being said, I KNOW the Lord has people prepared no matter where I'm at. I can already feel there will be a lot of time spent on my knees this week. 

On the plus side, we do have a baptism this weekend and I'm so excited! It's a mother and her daughter and they are so awesome! They have a cool story and I'll have to share it with you next week!

I love you all and I'm out of time! You are always in my prayers and I love love love reading your emails each week! They keep me going!

sister ramsey

this is my new mailing address
1050 E. 18th N.
Mountain Home, ID 83647

me & sister cluff in our fancy camaroooooooo... i mean corolla #missionlife

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