Monday, November 25, 2013

"We chill, me and Him"

YOU GUYS. missions are seriously awesome. but missions are hard. I never understood what "hard" meant, until I got here. and it's nothing I can really explain either. just sendin out a big WORDDDDDDDDDD to all those returned missionaries out there. haha
My mission is teaching me so much. It's especially teaching me how to turn OUT. There are times and days when I just don't feel like being a missionary but I have to do it anyway. I just keep moving, keep working, keep praying, and thinking of someone else besides myself. I'm so grateful to have these 18 months to practice that because it definitely isn't a natural thing for me to want to all the time, ha. This is good. This is real good.
This week the Lord was good to us! I fiiiiiinally got to meet with a guy named John, who Sis Cluff and her old companion met with once or twice before and he is awesome. He is from Guam and he LOVES the gospel. He is so floored that every question that he's ever had is so easily answered and that the spirit is always accompanied with everything that he learns. We met with him this week and had a really good discussion with him and set a baptismal date for December. Ah, he's so great. He was tellin me about his relationship with the Lord and he said, AND I QUOTE, "We chill, me and Him. It's like we're on a whole 'nother level." hahaha
ALSO, we met a guy named Chad this week and had the best lesson. He lives on the Air Force Base, which means we can't go over without a member or an apt, so we went over with Sister Hyer (who is the best RM ever). He loves talking about religion and stuff so we got talking about God and he told us that he wished that he could say, with the same conviction as we did, that he knows that God lives. Obviously, we told him that was possible and we challenged him to read the Book of Mormon. I had shared my experience with the Book of Mormon this year and how I followed Alma 32:27 and "experimented on the word" in 50 days... it was all clicking for Chad and he took up the challenge to do the same. Ahhhh it was seriouslyawesome. The spirit was so strong and we all felt it. Chad looked at Sis Hyer and said, "Did Salt Lake send her or something...?" haha, why yes. a prophet actually. shall we meet next week and talk about it? yessss, yes we should.
AND Molly and Echo had their baptism and confirmations this weekend. It was beautiful! I love being on a mission because it's reminding me how important baptism is. That sounds obvious but I haven't thought about my actual baptism a ton since, I don't know when... But being here, seeing people who have gone 30, 40 years without the gospel and then seeing them be baptized, it's somethin' else. You can see it in their eyes!
Well I love you guys a TON. This week will be weird without you all around the table for Thanksgiving but I'm sure it will be great! We have SO much to be grateful for. Where would we be without each other?! Where would we be without the gospel?! My heart is so full thinking about how good our God is.
I love him. I know He lives. CLING to His gospel and He'll never let you down.
sister ramsey 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Country Rooooad.....

...MOUNTAIN HOOOOOOOOOOOME. this is the place i belongggggggg!" 

John Denver anyone? haha Mountain Home is my new area and it's great! It's a lot different from Burley but I think I'll warm up to it soon. Everything and everyone is so spread out, so I'm really grateful we have a car. If we're being honest... I miss being in a biking area already. Haha, i know. WHAT? I'm already becoming so diva over turning on the heat as fast as possible when we get in the car that I miss the tough(ish) girl who rode a bike everywhere in this weather. Aaaand when you're on bikes, you feel like the Lord called you to be the town greeter. I miss feeling like it was my job to wave "hi" to everyone and the convenience of being able to stop and talk to someone or help someone bring in groceries. Biking areas definitely have their perks. But for now, I'll enjoy turning the heat down for my companion because I'm roasting her in the car. Ha.

Speaking of my companion.... Her name is Sister Cluff and she is so funny. She reminds me SO MUCH of Kelsie Catrelli (aka Sister Kelsie Thompson). You know how Kelsie would always call me "absurd" and "outrageous" and things of such nature... Sister Cluff does the same. Hahahaha she is awesome. She is super quiet but once we're teaching, she's really powerful. She is our designated driver and hates it. Like I've never seen anyone hate driving SO much. She said she used to avoid it at all costs and so watching her drive everywhere just makes me laugh. I told her I never knew I would pay for having a lead foot so much on my mission... and she corrected me and said, "never knew I would be paying so much foryour lead foot on my mission." But it's a good thing we're out in the middle of nowhere, where the population of this entire city is like 10,000 cause there is like no traffic. ever. haha it's a quiet place.

To be honest, this week was a rough transition for me. There is not a lot happening here in Mountain Home and we are covering four different wards and are only teaching a few people. That being said, I KNOW the Lord has people prepared no matter where I'm at. I can already feel there will be a lot of time spent on my knees this week. 

On the plus side, we do have a baptism this weekend and I'm so excited! It's a mother and her daughter and they are so awesome! They have a cool story and I'll have to share it with you next week!

I love you all and I'm out of time! You are always in my prayers and I love love love reading your emails each week! They keep me going!

sister ramsey

this is my new mailing address
1050 E. 18th N.
Mountain Home, ID 83647

me & sister cluff in our fancy camaroooooooo... i mean corolla #missionlife

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

You can take the girl outta Burley...

...but you can't take Burley outta me! I can't believe this trasfer is already over! 6 weeks SAY WHAT? Suunday night we got a call about transfers and I honestly did not believe that anything was changing in our companionship. Sister Wrist isn't even done trainnnnning me. So when they told me I was leaving.... HEART BROKEN. I love Burley so much and I feel like Sister Wright and I are just really getting the ball rolling. We finally have names down, and where everyone lives, and their callings.... we've figured out our strengths and weaknesses and how each other teaches and this week we had all these goals of really trying to perfect that! Not to mention all the people we are teaching that I LOVE. Ugh. The only thing I know is that this must be inspired because it just isn't logical to switch us up yet. Haha I'm trying to hone in my inner-Nephi and think "I'll go and do..." buuuuuut I just don't want to leave! Hopefully I'll just move somewhere else in Burley haha.
Aaaaanyways this week was really great! Missed you guys yesterday on e-mail, but it was Veteran's Day so everythang was shut down in town. This week I met so many wonderful people! Me and Sister Wright did some "spirit tracting" haha meaning basically we were livin on a prayer and trusting our promptings! And it was AWESOME. We have met so many incredible people and had some really good conversations about life/ the Gospel.
This week we finally made contact with this lady named Molly, who we have been trying to see for the last month. We've made countless stops by her house and she has never been home, so this week we stopped by and again, no luck. But then we had a prompting to just write her a note, so we walked down to the street light so we could see and wrote her a quick message and planned to leave her with our number. But then as we were walking back towards her house, we saw HER GARAGE DOOR CLOSING. You know in the movie, Disturbia, when Shia see's his neighbor's car and that it has the big dent and that he's the killer or whatever and the garage door is shutting??? THAT'S WHAT IT WAS LIKE. Sister Wright and I just stopped in our tracks and looked at each other like whaaaaaat?!! Hahaha I felt like we were stalking her in that moment, but it's fiiiiine! We just starting laughing and realized it wasn't about the note... it was about waiting five more minutes so that Molly could get home. I love the way the Lord works! We knocked on her door and two of her little girls darted out the door and gave me the biggest hug! They asked me who I was and why I was there and just kept giving me so much love! I squatted down next to them and they about knocked me over! Haha, they were hanging onto my neck and picking up their feet for me to hold them and I was laughing so hard. They are 4 and 3 years old and just the cutestgirls ever. It seriously made me so happy... I felt like they were hugs from Heaven and it was the best. We met with Molly later in the week and she wants to take the lessons and start coming to church and she seriously is the cutest mom ever. We are going back to see them tonight and I CANT WAIT. I'm so bummed I'm getting transferred because I already love them so much and they don't even know it yet!
Then this weekend, RICK AND HEATHER GOT MARRIED!! And then RICK GOT BAPTIZED! Ah, Saturday was such a perfect day. It was filled with lots of service, and wedding set up, good company, and my favorite events. I'm a sucker for love and Rick and Heather were so cute. The bishop married them and they were so happy. They just couldn't wipe the smile off of their faces and it was such a beautiful ceremony. We had desserts and such after and then headed into the Chapel for the baptismal service. The spirit just filled the room and it was so awesome to see Rick and Heather's family get a little closer to their eternity together! They plan to be sealed in a year's time and can't wait to go to the temple. This gospel truly blesses families and I'm so grateful to be sealed to mine!
Speaaaaaking of.... AUNT BECKY. My dad told me about you receiving your endowments and it just put me into tears!!! I am so happy for you and proud of how far you have come and wish I could be there. I love the temple so much. Please let me know how your expereience goes! All this being on a mission and teaching other people about the gospel and blessings of the temple, reaffirms to me that there is nothing more I want than for all of my family and people that I love to receive those blessings! We are in this together. F O R E V E R #sandlot #yourekillinmesmalls
Speaking of Sandlot... we had the best game of softball yesterday with our whole district. Haha it was so much fun!!! And more than anything it made me miss our big family softball games and being at the field.
Well I love you all SO MUCH. Today will be full of lessons and goodbyes that I'm not looking forward to. Sunday, we were having dinner at Jenna's house (the little girl who was baptized last month) and that's when we found out about transfers. She offered to hide me in her basement and smuggle food to me and tell anyone who came looking for me she hadn't seen me.. lawls she's blind. hahaha #punny
AND I'm fiiiinally getting my ride in the Winmills new car tonight. HAHAHA new camaro. still funny. Saying bye to them will definitley be the hardest. Sunday FHE at their house was a bawl fest and I felt like I was back at home saying goodbye. I can't wait for you guys to meet them.. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I can't wait though, till I get to see them post mission and we can give legal hugs and watch a ball game together. Haha and I introduce Ty and Brooke because I've decided they are getting married. #weddingplanner #iAmJLO
also I love that everyone uses XOXO now.
hugs and kisses snitches
sister ramZ

Sister Wright and I #idahosunsets
Me and the Winmills AKA my second family
Rick and Heather !!

Monday, November 4, 2013

shawty you a ten

hahahaha kk subject line? so there is this dog that is the funniest looking dog I've ever seen. I swear it has the head of like a lab, the body of a bullmastiff but the legs of a weiner dog. i'm not even kidding. the first time i passed it, i yelled at sister wright... "that dog has no legs!!" it was standing on the grass and looked like it was buried belly deep... but nope. it just has short legs. so the other day it was out and we passed it and i started laughing and made sister wright turn around so I could take a picture... so we did and the owner was outside and we started talking to him about his dog. long story short... Tony, who is the owner of the dog ("shortie") has been wanting a "Mormon Bible" for some time (WHAT? AWESOME.) so we gave him a copy and told him we'd come back this week to talk about it some more.thanks shawty. hahahah RADIO KILLA, KILLA, KILLLLLAAAA.
also. remember my second family out here, the Winmills? well they put their name in for a contest at the gas station.........AND WON A CAR. hahahaha WHO WINS A BRAND NEW CHEVY CAMARO? the winmills. i died laughing. that just doesn't happen. oh gosh, they came to our apartment the next day and told us the story and we were all just freaking out. so funny.

this week was so great. eeeeven though a lot of our appointments fell through, we found that the Lord had other people for us to meet, instead. we had Stake Conference this weekend and it was so awesome. I bet you couldn't guess what the theme of it was....? MISSIONARY WORK. haha as a missionary, I love it. but I was sitting thinking about what I would be thinking, normally... people... missionary work is not going away. haha general conference, sacrament meetings, testimony meetings, sunday school, relief society/ priesthood. lately everything has been centered on missionary work and it's awesome. The Lord is truly hastening His work and you can either jump on board or get left behind and miss out on the blessings He has in store for you by sharing what you know.  

i've realized that missionary work isn't just this other thing that we sometimes think about and go out and do. no. missionary work is apart of our everyday lives... it's the example we're setting for others, it's the way we treat people, it's being a friend to someone we don't know well, it's inviting. missionary work doesn't mean we know everything and it also doesn't mean it can only happen if we are having a conversation about the plan of salvation or the restoration or other gospel principle. this weekend, in our adult session, they had three converts share their conversion story and I thought, that's all we're ever doing. swapping stories with other people, trying to relate to each other and help each other figure things out. every detail of our lives relates back to the gospel, so don't be afraid to share how The Gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed your life with others.

hahaha I'M SO MISSIONARY. lawls sorry sorry. its just i've realized nothing "happened" to me, to make me a missionary. Granted, I was called and set apart and I definitely feel the blessings of that but I'm still me. Haha I talk to people the same, think the same... and by just talking to people and relating it back to the gospel, I'm seeing so many blessings! Tryyy it... you might like it (*Mr. Mac aaaanyone? ...Sickles?) 

Gosh, I just love this work. I love the Lord and I'm grateful for tender mercies. He buoys me up just when I need it and I know He knows each of us individually. Mom and Dad... thank you for getting me here. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU for your love and support and emails and letters. Seriously, I love you all SO much. too much. and really couldn't do this without you. your letters make. my. week.  YOU ARE THE BEST.
sister ramsey

halloween night. yep. that's my comp at the bottom
"shawty" hahahah funniest dog ever