Monday, November 4, 2013

shawty you a ten

hahahaha kk subject line? so there is this dog that is the funniest looking dog I've ever seen. I swear it has the head of like a lab, the body of a bullmastiff but the legs of a weiner dog. i'm not even kidding. the first time i passed it, i yelled at sister wright... "that dog has no legs!!" it was standing on the grass and looked like it was buried belly deep... but nope. it just has short legs. so the other day it was out and we passed it and i started laughing and made sister wright turn around so I could take a picture... so we did and the owner was outside and we started talking to him about his dog. long story short... Tony, who is the owner of the dog ("shortie") has been wanting a "Mormon Bible" for some time (WHAT? AWESOME.) so we gave him a copy and told him we'd come back this week to talk about it some more.thanks shawty. hahahah RADIO KILLA, KILLA, KILLLLLAAAA.
also. remember my second family out here, the Winmills? well they put their name in for a contest at the gas station.........AND WON A CAR. hahahaha WHO WINS A BRAND NEW CHEVY CAMARO? the winmills. i died laughing. that just doesn't happen. oh gosh, they came to our apartment the next day and told us the story and we were all just freaking out. so funny.

this week was so great. eeeeven though a lot of our appointments fell through, we found that the Lord had other people for us to meet, instead. we had Stake Conference this weekend and it was so awesome. I bet you couldn't guess what the theme of it was....? MISSIONARY WORK. haha as a missionary, I love it. but I was sitting thinking about what I would be thinking, normally... people... missionary work is not going away. haha general conference, sacrament meetings, testimony meetings, sunday school, relief society/ priesthood. lately everything has been centered on missionary work and it's awesome. The Lord is truly hastening His work and you can either jump on board or get left behind and miss out on the blessings He has in store for you by sharing what you know.  

i've realized that missionary work isn't just this other thing that we sometimes think about and go out and do. no. missionary work is apart of our everyday lives... it's the example we're setting for others, it's the way we treat people, it's being a friend to someone we don't know well, it's inviting. missionary work doesn't mean we know everything and it also doesn't mean it can only happen if we are having a conversation about the plan of salvation or the restoration or other gospel principle. this weekend, in our adult session, they had three converts share their conversion story and I thought, that's all we're ever doing. swapping stories with other people, trying to relate to each other and help each other figure things out. every detail of our lives relates back to the gospel, so don't be afraid to share how The Gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed your life with others.

hahaha I'M SO MISSIONARY. lawls sorry sorry. its just i've realized nothing "happened" to me, to make me a missionary. Granted, I was called and set apart and I definitely feel the blessings of that but I'm still me. Haha I talk to people the same, think the same... and by just talking to people and relating it back to the gospel, I'm seeing so many blessings! Tryyy it... you might like it (*Mr. Mac aaaanyone? ...Sickles?) 

Gosh, I just love this work. I love the Lord and I'm grateful for tender mercies. He buoys me up just when I need it and I know He knows each of us individually. Mom and Dad... thank you for getting me here. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU for your love and support and emails and letters. Seriously, I love you all SO much. too much. and really couldn't do this without you. your letters make. my. week.  YOU ARE THE BEST.
sister ramsey

halloween night. yep. that's my comp at the bottom
"shawty" hahahah funniest dog ever

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