Monday, June 30, 2014

we're in it for the LONG HAUL

someone sent this to me and i just feel like there's so much TRUTH in his statement

The effort has been there. Now all of a sudden the performance is matching it. We're no stranger to comebacks. We're in it for the long haul

"we are no stranger to comebacks.
we're in it for the long haul."
joe maddon just GETS IT.
the rays are no doubt my favorite mlb organization.
i just love this.

as members of Christ's church...
WE are no stranger to comebacks
and WE are definitely in it for the LONG HAUL.
#eternityWASSUP are our efforts matching our performance??
yesterday in church, one of the speakers said:

"the phrase, "it's the thought that counts.." 
counts for nothing in the Kingdom of God...
the thought, alone, will do us no good if it isn't coupled with action."

you know where you're at.
pray about if it's where He wants you to be.
I know through the Atonement of Christ
we can be cleansed from sin, 
freed from burdens, 

this week was super crazy.
last saturday, we contacted this one referral from bishop
and had a great conversation with this guy about our beliefs
he said he was more interested now, then ever...
BUUUUUT he wouldn't let us make a return appointment.
he said "i just wanna read the book first and talk to my wife" (she's a member)
so we gave him a Book of Mormon and our number and left
...pretty typical. suuper awesome. no commitment.

sunday rolls around and after our fireside with the youth...
we had 3 voicemails....
she told us they want to meet with us!!
ahhh!! "we neva think dis would happen fo yew!" (**name that movie)
SO we went back and it was so awesome.
he is soo prepared.
literally asked questions from EVERY lesson and is super excited to learn
we taught most of the first lesson and invited him to be baptized and he said yes!
just hearing about his experiences in life and how it's all lead him here...

God is in the details of our lives.
of that i am sure.

I'm grateful for all of you. 
YOU are the details of my life that make me so happy.
this gospel inspires me.
& sharing it deepens my love for it.

we aaaaalso got to go to the temple this week.
need i say more?
i. am. so. happy.

sister ramsey

Monday, June 23, 2014


lately me and sister young have been feeling an overwhelming feeling of gratitude-- seriously the mission is helping me learn and see SO much, i wouldn't trade this time for ANYTHING.

i love you all and hope you're having the best week.
completely outta time.
so many little miracles happened this week.
my heart is so full

this week's a lame one.
i blame it on biggie.
she's sitting across from me at the Family History Center
and we just talked the whole time.
hahahah i miss that beauty.

sister ramsey

ps: i discovered family history this week and MY LIFE IS CHANGED. i love it.

Monday, June 16, 2014


aren't missionaries' LOVED ONES supposed to be blessed for their service?
does this NOT include our beloved sports teams?
seriously... what happened in the finals?
the heat got killed.

and the rays?
do we even want to talk about their record?
ugh. at least i'm not witnessing it all happen.

missed you yesterday, dad.
hope you know I LOVE YOU

this week was super fun. 
we started teaching English classes to the Burmese people 
its the best.
& it's making all my foreign dreams come true.
it's making me even more excited for the day thailand happens..?
they are the SWEETEST people ever.
and you can tell when they have no idea what we are saying 
because they just laugh and say "i don't know!!"
my favorite part is that the only thing really communicating between us is LOVE
sister young says after every english class...
"we are living our dreams"

speaking of sister young... 
i felt i should include a handful of quotes from her so that you can better understand my life.
...and these are just a few. 

"sometimes, i fantasize about marrying a french boy so that he'll love my nose."

"i just feel like i need to teach my children to wear pastels"

me: "he's rich... you could like him."
sis young: "no, because I only like white people. it's a supremacist thing"

elder fernandez: "it's so cold out here."
sis young: "SORRY. ITS MY SOUL." 

"maybe i'm just a psycho and i've accepted that."

"i had no idea people lied until i met you."

"wow. i went an entire car ride without looking at myself." 

"i compliment myself for ignoring all social ques and living my dream."

"i just love how you are a normal person, except nothing about you is ordinary."

"is there anything that I've said today that would've potentially hurt your feelings...if you had a disorder?"

(speaking about an elder) "i just feel like he'll never know how much i love him, in the most platonic way."

me: "seriously, try some of my fruit water, its so good. you'll love it."
sis young: "only because you are the queen of peer pressure, i'm going to bless this water."
        ....**literally prays over my water before she trys a sip.

me: "i just don't think you understand how all i want to do right now is walk back into that house and watch the finals with them."
sis young: "no, i totally understand because that's exactly how i feel every time i see the movie frozen playing."

{ps. sister young is reading all of these right now and dying laughing at herself.}

hahahaha to say the least, there isn't a shortage of laughter in our companionship. i just love her and her ridiculous ways SO MUCH. i've never had a companion compliment and build me up SO much and she's teaching me a lot. esp how to "live my love language." haha i love my little southern belle.

i love you guys LOTS.
nine months this week?!
time is flyyyying.


sister ramsey

 hiking with our district up to centennial falls
half handstand pic, duh. #youcantakethegirlouttayoga #canttaketheyogaoutofgirl
a handful of our burmese people! i love them!! #tellmeiminidaho #foreignmission #withseriousperks

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

HE is infinite

transfers are here.
can you believe it?
fastest transfer. ever.
and i dodged a bullet.
me and YMCMB are togetha another round.
happy day.

this week i just felt an overwhelming peace-
that i am here.
i really couldn't be happier with my life.
that i've had so much time ON MY OWN
to think, to reflect, to learn, to grow, and be inspired.

I'm so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ that influences my every day. I'm grateful for healing, for open eyes and an open heart to the will of the Lord. My understanding is deepened a little more, every day, and for that I'm grateful. i love that the Lord sometimes takes us on uncharted courses and leads us to infinite possibilities. i'm learning to trust and love the unknown. I know He leads us right where we need to be.

we got to clean the temple this week and that was special.
like who wouldn't want to be a maid in the House of the Lord?
we got to wear white scrubs and err thang
haha it was the best
& i just loved every second of quiet cleaning
i love the temple with all of my heart!
and this is a temple transfer.

on another note.
the fault in our stars?
when does that come out?
will anyone wait for me?
i saw it previewing on someones TV
that i was not watching
...i loved that book.

are these supposed to end spiritual?
can't wait for a repeat of last year
i miss not watching with Stonewall
in a random sports bar in the middle of nowhere, Arizona
haha cheer for us

until next week
read yo scripz
and say yo prayz
and do hard things.
it makes life easier.

sister ramsey

ps- happy birthday @k8tertotz LOVE YOU BEEZY

love my wittle fairy. who takes A MILLION pics

Monday, June 2, 2014

its june babayyyyyyyyyy

fam bam.

as usual... 
this week was 

and an Elder just gave me European chocolate.
so life is good.

we got to go to the temple with our new convert, Tori
and it was wonderful!
sadly, we couldn't perform any ordinances but it was nice just to be in the temple again.
being there with all the youth and their parents just took me back to temple trips with the OB
remember our "branch" days? miss that.
but it just got me thinking about how much i love the temple
and how i can't wait till i can go back with all the people i love
can we start making the temple apart of our family reunions?
like how cool would it be to all meet up in snowflake before we go camping 
and do a session together?
and we could even do baptisms with all the cousins who are 12 and up!
the idea just makes me giddy.
but maybe that's 'cause i'm a missionary?
hahaha whatevs.
see you at the temple summer 2015
i'm so sad i'm not camping with y'all this summer!

buttttt i even got to do a little family history work this week! ahhhh i can't wait to come home and get to talk to all my grandmas and grandpas. i have lots of ideas of things and projects i wanna do. don't worry. i've written them all down. 

we got to do a lot of service this week and that meant i was outside and my skin just SOAKED UP the vitamin d. ahhh makes me SO happy. i have been waiting SO long to be tan again. i'm starting to get the weirdest missionary tan lines. it's great.

and this weekend there was a huge parade and carnival in twin falls and it was right in our area so we walked over and spent the day seeing all of our people and chatting with strangers and eating gross food and finding new people to teach. it was a fun change of pace. i wished we had known about it sooner... i contacted the event planner to try and set up a booth for missionaries but it was too late! boooo.

and yesterday was a great way to end the week. church was great and then after, we were with one of our ward missionaries and she wanted us to talk to her kids about our missions-- and i really had no idea where to start or where to stop. i just feel like the Lord has blessed me in an infinite number of ways and I don't know how to put it all into words or narrow it down. i feel like a homecoming talk will be impossible. haha good thing i have MONTHS to figure that out.

i'm just grateful.
every. single. day.

i love you guys.
and i love being an ambassador for Christ.
2 Corinthians 5:20

i hope you all have the best week.
can you believe its june?!
happy graduation kell bell!

sister ramsey