Wednesday, June 11, 2014

HE is infinite

transfers are here.
can you believe it?
fastest transfer. ever.
and i dodged a bullet.
me and YMCMB are togetha another round.
happy day.

this week i just felt an overwhelming peace-
that i am here.
i really couldn't be happier with my life.
that i've had so much time ON MY OWN
to think, to reflect, to learn, to grow, and be inspired.

I'm so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ that influences my every day. I'm grateful for healing, for open eyes and an open heart to the will of the Lord. My understanding is deepened a little more, every day, and for that I'm grateful. i love that the Lord sometimes takes us on uncharted courses and leads us to infinite possibilities. i'm learning to trust and love the unknown. I know He leads us right where we need to be.

we got to clean the temple this week and that was special.
like who wouldn't want to be a maid in the House of the Lord?
we got to wear white scrubs and err thang
haha it was the best
& i just loved every second of quiet cleaning
i love the temple with all of my heart!
and this is a temple transfer.

on another note.
the fault in our stars?
when does that come out?
will anyone wait for me?
i saw it previewing on someones TV
that i was not watching
...i loved that book.

are these supposed to end spiritual?
can't wait for a repeat of last year
i miss not watching with Stonewall
in a random sports bar in the middle of nowhere, Arizona
haha cheer for us

until next week
read yo scripz
and say yo prayz
and do hard things.
it makes life easier.

sister ramsey

ps- happy birthday @k8tertotz LOVE YOU BEEZY

love my wittle fairy. who takes A MILLION pics

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