Monday, June 2, 2014

its june babayyyyyyyyyy

fam bam.

as usual... 
this week was 

and an Elder just gave me European chocolate.
so life is good.

we got to go to the temple with our new convert, Tori
and it was wonderful!
sadly, we couldn't perform any ordinances but it was nice just to be in the temple again.
being there with all the youth and their parents just took me back to temple trips with the OB
remember our "branch" days? miss that.
but it just got me thinking about how much i love the temple
and how i can't wait till i can go back with all the people i love
can we start making the temple apart of our family reunions?
like how cool would it be to all meet up in snowflake before we go camping 
and do a session together?
and we could even do baptisms with all the cousins who are 12 and up!
the idea just makes me giddy.
but maybe that's 'cause i'm a missionary?
hahaha whatevs.
see you at the temple summer 2015
i'm so sad i'm not camping with y'all this summer!

buttttt i even got to do a little family history work this week! ahhhh i can't wait to come home and get to talk to all my grandmas and grandpas. i have lots of ideas of things and projects i wanna do. don't worry. i've written them all down. 

we got to do a lot of service this week and that meant i was outside and my skin just SOAKED UP the vitamin d. ahhh makes me SO happy. i have been waiting SO long to be tan again. i'm starting to get the weirdest missionary tan lines. it's great.

and this weekend there was a huge parade and carnival in twin falls and it was right in our area so we walked over and spent the day seeing all of our people and chatting with strangers and eating gross food and finding new people to teach. it was a fun change of pace. i wished we had known about it sooner... i contacted the event planner to try and set up a booth for missionaries but it was too late! boooo.

and yesterday was a great way to end the week. church was great and then after, we were with one of our ward missionaries and she wanted us to talk to her kids about our missions-- and i really had no idea where to start or where to stop. i just feel like the Lord has blessed me in an infinite number of ways and I don't know how to put it all into words or narrow it down. i feel like a homecoming talk will be impossible. haha good thing i have MONTHS to figure that out.

i'm just grateful.
every. single. day.

i love you guys.
and i love being an ambassador for Christ.
2 Corinthians 5:20

i hope you all have the best week.
can you believe its june?!
happy graduation kell bell!

sister ramsey

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