Monday, June 30, 2014

we're in it for the LONG HAUL

someone sent this to me and i just feel like there's so much TRUTH in his statement

The effort has been there. Now all of a sudden the performance is matching it. We're no stranger to comebacks. We're in it for the long haul

"we are no stranger to comebacks.
we're in it for the long haul."
joe maddon just GETS IT.
the rays are no doubt my favorite mlb organization.
i just love this.

as members of Christ's church...
WE are no stranger to comebacks
and WE are definitely in it for the LONG HAUL.
#eternityWASSUP are our efforts matching our performance??
yesterday in church, one of the speakers said:

"the phrase, "it's the thought that counts.." 
counts for nothing in the Kingdom of God...
the thought, alone, will do us no good if it isn't coupled with action."

you know where you're at.
pray about if it's where He wants you to be.
I know through the Atonement of Christ
we can be cleansed from sin, 
freed from burdens, 

this week was super crazy.
last saturday, we contacted this one referral from bishop
and had a great conversation with this guy about our beliefs
he said he was more interested now, then ever...
BUUUUUT he wouldn't let us make a return appointment.
he said "i just wanna read the book first and talk to my wife" (she's a member)
so we gave him a Book of Mormon and our number and left
...pretty typical. suuper awesome. no commitment.

sunday rolls around and after our fireside with the youth...
we had 3 voicemails....
she told us they want to meet with us!!
ahhh!! "we neva think dis would happen fo yew!" (**name that movie)
SO we went back and it was so awesome.
he is soo prepared.
literally asked questions from EVERY lesson and is super excited to learn
we taught most of the first lesson and invited him to be baptized and he said yes!
just hearing about his experiences in life and how it's all lead him here...

God is in the details of our lives.
of that i am sure.

I'm grateful for all of you. 
YOU are the details of my life that make me so happy.
this gospel inspires me.
& sharing it deepens my love for it.

we aaaaalso got to go to the temple this week.
need i say more?
i. am. so. happy.

sister ramsey

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