Monday, July 7, 2014

best. week. EVER.

where do i even begin?
i've never been so happy

TRAVIS (our super awesome inv) set a baptismal date this week!
july 26th
which is two days after transfers
sooooooooo i hope nothing happens
i just LOVE their family
and they just bought the cutest puppy ever. 
i'm obsessed. remember nelly? oh i still miss her.

he came to church for the first time yesterday
and he was freaking out
he was raised to be scared of mormons
literally was so sketched out by everything...
he thought the Young Men at the chapel doors were bouncers 
and that he was going to get locked in for 3 hours...
he thought the sacrament table 
was a COFFIN....
he said he was waiting the entire time
for a flag with Joseph Smith's face on it 
to drop down and for us to start chanting...
there were so many things that he was worried about
but he just has the best heart ever

i could literally write so much about this week 
it was seriously the best
for SO many reasons.
but my district is yelling at me to get off
we're going to shoshone falls

i hope you all had the best week
happy fourth
i love this country
i love this work
i love YOU

sister ramsey

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