Monday, July 14, 2014


is there anything worse then being sick on your mission?
literally sunday to sunday.
the cool thing?
it would hit me the worst in the night...
up all night...
sleep in...
stable enough to work in the evenings
with the false idea i'm better
come home?

so lifes a peach.
i also lost my memory card this week.
with so many cute pictures from our hike last week!

best part of the week?
Elder McQueen let me drive the MISSION
2013 Chevy Silverado Truck
NO ONE will understand how much i love him!
we had to bring in our jeep because other sisters needed to borrow it
i thought we'd be car less
and he switched me keys and said 
"don't scratch it."
i said "scratch what??"
he said "the chevy"
hahahaha NO missionaries drive that truck. ever.
i started freaking out and laughing and he said 
"only for you sister ramsey!!"
he is my favorite.

i'm outta time.
we crashed a wedding this week.

aaaand i gained an even stronger testimony of the priesthood.
our bishop gave me a blessing this week
and after i took a nap that day, 
all my nausea was gone and i was able to work! 
i love the work.
we are busy and happy.


xoxo, sis ramz

ps. welcome home sammyyyyy!!!!!!!!! ahhhh! i'm dying you're home!

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