Monday, December 30, 2013

"my armpits smell like cake."

QUOTE: Tommy, 5 years old. hahaha I love little kids. and I MISS holding them. it's seriously torture and some little kids tempt me SO much. like they come and try and sit on my lap or hold on to my neck and pick up their feet and try and get me to hold them. GAH. I feel like Satan pushing them off. #missionaryprobs
BEST WEEK EVER. Ahhhh I'm so happy that I got to Skype you guys this week! AAAAND talk to Stone through Skype, through the phone. hahah those were the best tears I cried all week. My Christmas day was good. there is nothinnnnnnnnnnnn like the mission, that's for sure. hahaha it's awesome though! The members SPOILED us! We got stockings filled a few times by different sisters in the ward and they just totally took care of us and made our day special!
Come day after Christmas, the Lord has kept us BUSY! And I'm so grateful because I've barely had time to think about home or missing the holidays with you guys. This week we contacted a lot of referrals and got two new investigators and talked to a lottttt of different people! Yesterday after church, my jaw was so tight and my head was POUNDING from all the talking that we were naturally Sister James blocked off one of the doors in the church building and I did a nice long headstand and it did the trick and we kept going till 9! Ha! #yogiforlyfe
I'm so, so grateful to be serving a mission. I know that Christ lives and that it is essential that we come to know Him. I think one of my favorite names for our Savior is that He is our Advocate with the Father. I don't know about you, but if there's anyone that I want to help plead my case before Heavenly Father, I want it to be our Savior. I want him to be able to tell him... "No, I know Miss Lauren Gayle and she knows me. She tried her best and my graceis sufficient for her."
May our resolutions this year include becoming more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is "the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by [Him]."
sister ramsey
me: "hey can you help us find a street on base? we forgot our map."
airbase guard: "sure...whatchya lookin for?"
me: "where is ratchet?"
guard: **looks at me like I'm crazy and laughs
me: "hahaha I'm not kidding! That's a real street!"
guard: (he's black FYI) "boo there aint no such thing as ratchet 'round here. WE IN  I D A H O."
PS- anyone know how to get in touch with Usher's manager?! I would like to ask him to record me some hymns so that I don't have to suffer without Sunday night slow jamz any longer.  
PSS- HOLLA TO MY GIRL K8 HANSEN GHOSTFACEKILLA goin to the OLYPMICS. so incredibly proud of her. probs old news but I'm servin this thing called a mish and I'm outta the loop. LOVE YOU GIRL. #TTYL #BRB #GTSAM 

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