Monday, April 14, 2014

its gotta be a rollercoaster, eh?

things were just going toooooo perfect.
hahaha so needless to say, this week....
was rough.

jake's baptism had to be pushed back due to a few unasked questions on our part... it was no fun. we felthorrible. ugh. luckily jake is solid and isn't really phased by the whole thing. he has a great attitude and testimony and we'll keep workin with him to get him ready by summer time.

an elder in my district is currently trying to convince me and bigs to do the "caprisun challenge" with them? 15 in 15 minutes. basically they are asking us to puke. #onlysistersinthedistrict #eldershavedumbideas hahaha

we had a zone conference this week, which was really good. i love our leaders and i'm inspired to try a little harder to be a little better!

aaaaalso we got locked out of our apartment this week and got to hang out with our neighbor, Love, from Georgia. I LOVE HER. She makes me want to be a better neighbor, because she is the best. and she would be the best missionary-- soooo the elders need to come teach her. (we live outside our area) She is our southern belle with a southern accent and she is my favorite momma on the block.

thoughts this week?

there is strength in our commitments.
there is peace in our covenants.
there is power in our obedience.

stay commited. stay on track. and stay with Him.
that is my testimony.
we get to go to the temple this week.
juuuuust what i need.
i hope you guys have the best time at the Ft.Lauderdale open house!
send me lots of pics!!!! i wish i was there with you!
one day. 
also i hit 7 months this week. 
down to a month-left count.

sister ramsey

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