Monday, April 28, 2014

cheers? to change? meh.

i just can't even think straight.
......will be no longer.

and i just don't have the emojis to explain how i feel.

transfers are happening this week and we are so sad. 
i'm staying in the area and sister young will be joining me
aaaaand we are takin on the elder's ward, so now we will be covering two wards.
i'm excited. but sad. but happy. but not.
because sis bigs and i just groove.
BUT i know president is inspired... because anytime i've dreaded a transfer, it always turns out to be inspired. SO HERES TO TRUSTING.

this week was really good. the dust kinda settled with some of our investigators and things are going well again. we had a ward party this weekend and it was quite the turn out! we even met a nonmember and she said she'd love to met with missionaries, so that was awesome. afterwards we were just talking to Bishop and his family and I LOVE THEM. The Kears are seriously the best people ever. And their story about how they met on their mission just kills me. And I'm just really grateful for how they take care of us. For example, they know we're broke and dropped off a bunch of fruit and veggies at our apartment-- the best i tell ya. 

i'm just sad cause we planned a ward talent show with them and me and bigs were going to teach all the youth the EFY dances. HAHAHA. because bigs is a dancer. and used to choreograph. and i just like to dance. 

aaaanyway. I CANNOT wait to talk to you guys SO SOON. i think it will have to be later in the evening because we are in church from 7:30-4:00 #ifinallygetyourchurchlyfedad #3hoursisnothing 

church is true.
book is blue.
and so is my heart.

sister ramz

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