Monday, May 5, 2014

who needs insta? when you have a canon.....

but seriously.
my new camera is legit.
and has built-in filters?
hahaha me and bigs did the classic...
"i'm trying too hard to model right now, train track pics"
and they're classic. 

holy longest week ever.
but in like the best way.

i'm now with
so far, most of my comps have rapper nicknames

cluff diddy
biggie smalls
      & now
young jeezy

noooooot sure what that says about me
hahaha #ghetto?

regardless, sis young is from louisiana and i love her! 
she is actually hilarious.
first thing she said to me...
"i learned in my last companionship that i will never have to give a divorce if we both just read our scriptures and say our prayers every day. somehow that seriously works"
hahahahaha #missionlyfe

we picked up another ward, which has kinda been stressful because we were already so busy with 16th ward. but that's not even a real thing to complain about! our new ward seems great and has a lot of potential...i'm excited to build up their teaching pool and start meeting their families!

fun part?
we totally fell into a baptism this weekend. 
some reap and some sow, i guess?

tori and her son roy got baptized and they are so genuine and good hearted. i got to give the talk on baptism, which was fun! i love this work so much and i love testifying of our Savior.

i'm so outta time.
computer is about to kick me off.
seriously CANNOT wait for Sunday!!

sister ramsey

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