Monday, May 12, 2014


skyping with your family on a mission.
the best.
i love you guys SO SO SO much.
realized i didn't get to ask like 50 things I want to know.
esp to brookie. HI I LOVE YOU.
an hour just isn't enough time.
but i'm grateful i got to see you.
and Stonewall sounded SO GOOD.
yesterday was just the best.
happy mother's day to all my favorite mommas.
this week?
holy best week of FINDING, ever.
we found 11 new investigators this week.
hahahahaha at the end of the day, me and sister young went over the numbers like five times because i felt like we were lying. but it was legit. and the best "numbers" day ever. we taught a ton of lessons and talked to a ton of people. yeeeee it was so fun. mostly because just about everyone that we invited to hear our lessons, ACCEPTED. 


the coolest part is knowing that none of it is us. sure, we open our mouths and invite, but all of these people just have the most open heart and attitude and I know God has prepared them for a while. they are friends with the right people, who have loved them and set a good example, and helped share the peace that comes from living the gospel.
you are doing more good than you think by living what you know.
so to all of you, who stress about doing your part in the "hastening of the work", know that the kind of friend that you are to people and the way you love and serve them is what helps them accept your invitation. sharing the gospel comes natural when we are loving the people we associate with... but we can't forget to invite, too :)
this week has been a lot of fun. kinda super stressful because we have so much going on in our area.... but really, what could be better? we are going on splits almost every other day just to try and keep up. by the end of the day... I'M EXHAUSTED. but in the best way possible. totally get what you used to always say, dad..."i slept best when i was on my mission." haha i'm OUT so fast at night... i just can't wait to sleep in past 6:30.... next year?
me and sister young are getting along great. she is so funny. and we are quite the duo?
she's about a foot shorter then me and when we were in the library the other day and someone asked...
"is this your daughter?"
not sure which one of us should be more offended?
sis young because she looks SO....young?
or me because i look old enough to have her as my child?
or the other day we were in a lesson with one of our investigators
and every time sister young would say something spiritual or profound
our investigator would just say,
"ya, but you're just a fairy."
and wouldn't take her seriously.
so cheers to life with tinkerbelle.
i love you all
and miss you like craaaaaZy.
pmg blurb:
"do you want to be happy? forget yourself and get lost in this great cause. lend your efforts to helping people... stand higher, lift those with feeble knees, hold up the arms of those that hang down. LIVE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST." -President Gordon B. Hinckley
...still waiting for you guys to share what you've learned with me? eh?  #followingup #s/otoelderballard #ldsconf
sister ramsey

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