Monday, February 3, 2014

yo, yo, yo

what it do, what it do?
this is sister ramsey
tryna holla atchyou
missed ya last week
butchya know you on my mind
our family is foreva
oooh yaa, we one of a kind
haha we got a new cell phone this week and I chose the most ghetto ring tone for it... it's a great rapping beat, so needless to say, I've been inspired. #imissdrake
HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MOM. I hope it was the best ;) ;) haha aaaaand stonewall's today. and LINDSEY LU on Wednesday!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!
thank you thank you for my beautiful flowers. best dad a girl could ask for!! and MOM! the pens are perfect. hahaha i'm obsessed with them. journalings a big deal to me.
FAMILY. missed you last week. Sister Cluff  had to go into Twin Falls for some doctors appointments last Monday...because I'm certified shotty, I got to go with her. We were in and out of appointments all day slash it takes an hour and a half to drive there, one way, soooo I had no time to sit and e-mail. Did you know P-day isn't even a full day? rough. BUT I got to see Mary J Bly... found out SHE'S DITCHING ME FOR MINNESOTA. ugh. she tore her ACL and has to go home and have surgery on it... don't know what i'm going to do without her.
BUT hi. i'm livin and livin well. {<3 georgey} things in Mountain Home are good. H O W E V E R president called with transfers this weekend and homegirls checkin outta here. white washing in twin falls and training again! ha. ha. ha.
I don't know what's coming down the pike but i'm excited. sad to be leaving some people that I've come to L O V E here, but I think the change is good. change is all I know. I've been at every transfer meeting since I've gotten here, haha.
let's see. in the past two weeks:
we went to the temple. the best. always. i'm so grateful for temples. i'm so grateful for promise. i'm so grateful for peace. missionary work needs to be done on both sides of the veil. get there. and go back. our trip left me feeling uplifted and inspired. after our temple trip, we went to my big sister, Tifiney Rey's house and had the best conversation. she is hands down who i'm going to miss most here. but i'm not even worried. my name is on her dog's name tag. haha RAMSEY REY. #whaddup
then this week, the Lord put us right where we needed to be and it was the coolest. we had to stop at Walmart this week to pick up some blank DVD's for a project we're working on, but because I didn't get to go shopping or anything on Monday, we stopped by Wally on Tues. And even though it wasn't the day we were supposed to shop, I just felt so at peace with the idea. So we ran in and on our way out, I saw a guy that we talked to a little over a month ago, but nothing really came of our conversation. I called out his name and he turned around and looked shocked to see us! He said, "I was just thinking about you guys this morning and thought I really wanted to talk to you!! I've had the most incredible past 5 weeks and I'm closer to God now more then I have ever been and wanted to talk to you about it!" Haha it was awesome. The elders had ran into him during this time and gave him a Book of Mormon and we talked a lot about his experience and then set up an appointment to meet and talk about the gospel. He is so open to whatever God has next for him and I hope he can recognize the truth of the Restored Gospel! I know he will.
the gospel is true. God lives and He LOVES us. He is in the details of our lives, every bit. turn to Him. trust Him. BE LOYAL to Him.
love you guys.
go seahawks.
tif's obsessed w them.
exodus 14:14 is my fav.
sister ramsey

I found my child in a magazine at the doctor's office. ha.
sister bly!
my dawg ramsey

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