Monday, March 31, 2014

the PRICE is riiiiiight

H A P P Y . O P E N I N G . D A Y . 
is wearing my Rays t-shirt and a skirt classy? 
because i've considered it all day.
i mean... it's pday? right?
someone tweet goodluck to @davidprice tonight for me ;)

i'm so jealous you guys are going to be at the trop tonight. and iiiiiii'm going to be in a halfway house. teaching elizabeth taylor {great name, eh?} and tia ....haha actually i love teaching them! we met elizabeth for the first time this week and she is SO prepared. she says...

"you know, i've just always believed that God wouldn't stop talking to his children. like through a prophet like he used to or something..." 

um. hi. wait. yes. JOSEPH SMITH. tommy monson. we have those. mormons. GENERAL CONFERENCE.this weekend. RESTORATION. this is it. you found it! ahhhhhhhhh

hey. have you heard? the Lord is hastening His work. haha seriously, i don't know why it keeps blowing my mind but the Lord is really preparing so many hearts to receive His gospel for the time of His coming. Alma13:24hearts are prepared and you can be the angel declaring. we have had the coolest discussions with elizabeth this week... goosebumps the entire time. she was so moved by the restoration and the prophet joseph smith. i'm so excited to watch conference with her this weekend because...


i swear... conference is world series type stuff in the mormon world. at least in mine. i'm soooo excited. i even made a paper chain a while ago to countdown (**shoutout to megan conley HATCH... i think that's your new last name? MISS YOU BABE)

share your notes with me next week. i cannot wait to hear from our prophet and apostles.
missed MOM and my girls saturday night during the women's broadcast.
woof. wasn't that a good one? 

love you guys like craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy.
oh and this week i got to do straight DEMOLITION SERVICE.
and it was awesome.
i got ruuuuulllll dirty and it was so fun.
minus the fact i didn't fit in the jeans i brought to work in.
literally could not bend my legs without cutting off circulation.

can't wait to go back to my old hippie eating wayz.

cheer on our boyz loud and proud tonight.
i'll be sleeping in rays gear.

sister longoria

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