Monday, March 24, 2014


k remember how much i hated PDTs at BYU? well now my life consists of PTT (pos-teaching texts) and its waaaaaaaaaaaaay better. i'll tell you more in a sec. hahaha #MISSIONLYFE IS SO GOOD.

did i tell you guys about jake? well jake is kellie's neighbor who lives just a few doors down and because of kellie, we were introduced to him. OMG. homeboy is so prepared. we met with him for the first time a week ago and it went really well. he is at a point in his life where he is ready to receive and live the gospel and it is so amazing. we had an apt with him this week and he is THIRSTING for it all. he said "it's been what...? a week since i met you guys and i already feel it. i'm so much happier and i'm just longing for more. i can feel it. i know it's true." needless to say, we set a baptism date for him that night, for April 26. #awesome 

THEN (it gets better) he's been texting us every day asking for a reading assignment. he says "whats the word for today?" ....wait you want more homework? #thisneverhappens haha so yesterday, after church, he's asking us all these questions over text about the stuff he's been reading. we answered his questions and he was just getting so excited. thaaaat's when we got the best PTT ever.


"ok so one more thought. can i get baptized before April 26 or is there a bunch of lessons?"

HAHAHAHAH WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTttttt. to say me and bigs were excited is an understatement. i was just screaming and laughing because I'M SORRY WHAT? WHY ARE YOU AWESOME.

you guys, this is so much fun. watching people change their lives and feel it so strong, so fast is amazing. i'm the happiest i've ever been on my mission and i'm so inspired to keep trying to be a better missionary so the Lord can work through me more. the field is SO white and freaking ready to harvest. 

so yep. that's the update this week. also me and bigs are officially on bikes and its still the funniest thing ever. my body is so happy to be moving and working again! and i laugh all day because we look ridiculous! it feels sooo good. i love bikes so much! we had matching beach cruisers for all of about a day... but they are not for hardcore missionary work so we're borrowing the elder's mountain bikes and we riiiiiiide.

the computer is about to kick me off!
bigs is teaching a lesson to some random in the library.
woop weeez a good team.

sista ramz

ps happy birthday shelby i love you!!!!
and kells i'm sorry i missed it yesterday. youz so old. I LOVE YOU

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