Monday, August 25, 2014

our hearts and our hands

the days are getting shorter...
the air is cooling down...
it hailed twice this week...
once the size of GUM BALLS.
fall is coming
which means winter is right around the corner!
how dis happen so fast?
i feel like it was just yesterday i was getting my 
weird missionary tan lines...
on the bright side...
that does mean CONFERENCE is coming.
and really nothing makes me happier.

this week was good.
we only have one more week in the transfer.
it seems time never slows down!
ya feeeel me?
i'm sure all you school kids (haha) know the feeling
hahaha i'm still giddy about that not being true for me
but it seems i've read a lot of speeches and talks this week
that mention BYU
and not going to lie... 
i kinda miss it.
I'm so grateful for that University.

this week was great. 
i had interviews with president this week
so good.
i have so much respect for him...
it was just refreshing to visit with him and talk about the work!

and we had lots of teaching opportunities this week
and moments that made me feel fearless
i love bearing record of our Lord and Savior
i love Him and know that He lives
i'm so grateful for my time to serve.

"the Lord's work is accomplished by our hearts and our hands."

sister ramsey

ps... so who is gonna grab me a "JAMES" heat jersey on sale? haha christmas?

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