Monday, August 18, 2014

. H A P P Y. E L E V E N. M O N T H S. Y O.

sorry it's been such a struggle.
pdays are the most stressful day of the week
and my time on here flys
so let me update you on lyfe on the west side of twin
its good......ruuuulllll good....
this transfer is flyyying
two weeks till transfers...?!!!
we've had a ton of meetings and exchanges!
i'm learning so much from the sisters out here
and getting to know them more so I love it!
one week- I did exchanges with Sister Bly and Sister Knuth, back to back
too much fun.
those two are my best friends out here.
speaking of...
sister bly was burnt this week with boiling hott oil
2nd degree burns all down her right arm
and some splashed on her neck and face and legs
so keep her in your prayers.
we did exchanges with our companions &
i got to spend the day with her at the hospital this week.
poor thing has been through the ringer.
ACL surgery and now 2nd degree burns...
sharin the gospel with nurses and such
love that girl.
my birthday was GREAT.
sister wright decorated my door and made me wear a crown and sash all day!
we had a crepe breakfast with all the sisters in the zone!
i was sung to a million times!
someone built me a cake or somesing
aaaand I ZIPLINED.
thank you thank you for all the birthday wishes and notes and gifts

our boy STEPHEN GOT BAPTIZED this weekend!
our college 2nd ward has been SUCH an amazing support to him
i was worried there wouldn't be a ton of people there
because the ward went white water rafting earlier that day
but there wasn't an open seat in the room.
it was so cool!
he has changed SO MUCH since I first met him a couple months ago!
he looks super excited in that pic riight?
ha. thats stephen for ya.
we also  got to participate in an EFY last week
i feel like that needs to be my calling in life.
i love the spirit of efy
and i just LOVE being a missionary right now.
I'm so grateful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know He lives and I love sharing that message with others every day. This mission is shaping my eternity and I'm so grateful to be here. I'm so happy. LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL.
sister ramz
ps: WELCOME HOME LISS!!!!! ;lakfjd;lsakjf AHHHHH. love you doll!

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