Monday, February 2, 2015

we should be FEARLESS

have i ever told you how much i LOVE burley?
the people? the wards? the WORK?
things are so good here.
& since i've been MIA
(due to figuring out school lawlz sorry)
i'll fill you in on all that has happened...
in like the last....
three weeks? oops.
came to our mission little over a week ago.
absolutely amazing.
he spoke with such power and authority
my zone was the choir for the meeting so we got to be on the stand for a portion
aaaaand then front row,
so that was sweet.
what i took most from his remarks was that
we should be happy.
because we KNOW what we KNOW.
because of the message we share.
and because we KNOW...
we should be FEARLESS.
he taught us how to be good missionaries
good teachers.
he said we gotta learn how to
"cut through all the CLUTTER that swamps the human family...
cut through and get spirit to spirit
so that you can teach them boldly....
and then we we gotta be good.
we gotta be really good at teaching our message...."
"you have to internalize this stuff.
you find differently and
you teach differently
when you KNOW that you KNOW how to teach."
i. loved. every. second.
i could've sat and listened to him all day.
his remarks have inspired me all week!
best thing to help me finish this thing strong.
Elder Nash of the Seventy came with him
and he shared a few remarks about Elder Ballard
and he called him the Parley P. Pratt of our day.
loved that.
they both were remarkable.
it was such a powerful meeting.
we are teaching some hilarious people..
i'm tellin' you.
we teach this guy named PAUL (mexi. 60 yrs old)
and he is one of my favorite people.
he calls us with the funniest concerns!
and he's soooo serious.
like yesterday.
he called and said,
"Sisters! I gotta tell ya....
I've been practicing in the mirror...
for like 30 minutes today...
Is that going to be a problem?"
HAHAHA it was fast and testimony meeting yesterday.
obvs we told him you can't practice that
because it was the spirit.
then it all clicked.
and then he said "Ohhh ok, So I can stop lookin' in the mirror?"
he sends the funniest texts, ever.
its awesome.
he is doing so much research and is just seeking TRUTH.
reading the Book of MOrmon with lots of families
and it's amazing!
it's powerful to watch people illuminate as they read and study as a family.
speaking of...
hows your reading going?!
we're supposed to be at the end of Mosiah!
I just read about Alma's conversion today.
so life is GOOD.
me and meyer are great!
receiving our trunky papers will all sadness this week
weird. i'm glad we are together for it.
we are crossing our fingers we die together!
i love you all.
time is flying.
this work makes me the happiest.
sister ramsey
ps someone told us defacing government property was illegal?
i told them obama is defacing our country soooooooooooo
oops? #justified

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