Monday, January 5, 2015


throw back monday?
i'm getting transferred...
no place could ease the sting of leaving jerome like burley can
same stake i served in last time
different ward.
winmills are close
totallllly called this when i left over a year ago.
when i got transferred out, I said,
"well maybe this means I'll just get to end my mission in Burley."
hahahahaha God is so good.
this week was amazing
we got to go to the temple with Jackie and Jake!
two of our recent converts! (i forgot to take a pic :(...sad day!)
and our ward invited a few recently reactivated families to come and participate.
it was a powerful experience for everyone-- perfect way to start out the new year!
i just love the temple so much.
i'm so grateful for the covenants we make
and for the church that reinforces what the Savior taught:
"when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren."
as soon as we make covenants for ourselves,
we are asked to go and serve and help others receive those saving ordinances...
whether in the temple, for those who have passed...
or to strengthen those around us and help people here find faith in Christ
and feel the hope and joy that comes through repentance.
sometimes its just little changes.
that make a BIG difference.
this new year, our mission began reading
The Book of Mormon
together...until the end of April. (beginning for me!!)
and I am so excited about it.
we focused on the five gospels as a mission before Christmas
and I would only have time for a short study of the BOM each morning
...oh I've just been craving it.
read it with me, ya?
finish before I get home?
i know of NO BOOK that can bring more happiness and peace into your life then the Book of Mormon. it will bring you closer to God and Jesus Christ and the spirit will fill your heart and mind and help you find your way along this crazy journey of life. it's rocked my world, time and time again. read it with me!!
i know the Book of Mormon is the word of God.
i love being apart of His work.
may this new year bring you closer to Him
and fill your heart with HIS LOVE.
love you all.
sister ramsey
pic: sorry sister draper looks....out of it. i only took one? haha

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