Monday, December 8, 2014

'tis the season!

i loooooove it here!!
i don't want to leave next transfer!
start praying for a christmas miracle lol
we are SO busy. like up to our brains busy! meeting our new ward and setting up appointments with our investigators-- our next free evening apt slot is SUNDAY. we are booked a week out! haha. it's awesome. we are talking to as many people as we can and trying to help our investigators progress. we have had 10 people at church the last two weeks-- BUT having a hard time setting dates b/c of parent permission, holiday busyness, flakey on apts, waiting for mawwage or on probation! bah! but i love them all!
but let me tell you about miss JACKIE. she is my little mexi sister. srlsy.
we have been over to her house multiple times this week to teach and she is SO awesome. we met her a couple weeks ago... she is a senior in High School and is just on fuego?! (they're helping me with my spanish lawlz). her mom is one of my favorite people. she is this AMAZING little woman who is so close to the spirit and filled with so much love... & she makes BOMB spanish food! she took the missionary lessons like 15 years ago and loves the church and knows it's true but won't get baptized with out her husband...who is staunch Catholic. she is so excited that Jackie is becoming Mormon and really wants us to teach her son, too. he's a junior and not too interested....yet! they are the best and i'm so excited for Jackie! she's already thinking about a mission! haha! she's getting baptized a few days before Christmas and it's going to be beautiful! i LOVE her!
sister draper is awesome. she shared her story with me this week and ah! it just inspires me to slow down and be more aware of others and just LOVE them. she bears a pure and simple testimony to everyone we talk to and it's beautiful.
we have the most insane week this week.
one exchange.
THREE christmas parties.
one being our mission talent show/ devotional.
ahhhhh. its going to be the best!
aaaand i just talked this guy into selling us a 6' tree for TEN BUCKS
tooooootally pulled the "i'm so far from home" card.
hahahaha im so happy about it!!!
i've never bought a tree before lolol
its sitting in a bucket of water with a beach towel around it #classy
we are going to decorate it now!
i lOVE this time of year. i LOVE our Savior. i LOVe declaring His gospel. i LOve this place, these people! i LOVE being a missionary!
sister ramsey
ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYLEE SUE. miss that dog!

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