Monday, September 29, 2014

i'm feeling fiesty

satan is the most annoying person/ spirit/ fallen angel.....EXISTENCE....EVER.
he is working SO HARD on the people that we are working with.
and i hate how convincing he is.
yesterday, we showed up to church and one of our investigators told us she was rethinking baptism and asked us to not announce it over the pulpit. for the past two weeks she's been expressing concern about how she doesn't feel the spirit as strong as she used to...
The adversary is working so hard on her, and does on EVERYONE as soon as we make the choice to turn to the Savior. Whether it be when we decide its time to go back to church... time to talk to a bishop... time to be baptized... time to make temple covenants... time to be sealed as a family for time and all eternity... HE WORKS. to distract our lives, diminish our worth, and disillusion our minds.
but the spirit taught me this, yesterday.
who has played the larger role in influencing your life, God or Satan? GOD. who has been there since the beginning... who has created you, LOVES YOU, and who will carry you through the eternities? GOD. who has helped you learn all that you have up to this point and sent His spirit to guide, comfort, and teach you? GOD. who loves you more then your own comprehension and wants your happiness to last forever? GOD.whose entire "work and [his] glory [is] to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man"?? GOD.
on the contrary...
who knows you're about to make binding covenants with your Heavenly Father that will lead you back to his presence and into eternal life? SATAN. who is freaking out over the influence you will be on your family and others, to help bring them unto the Savior and His gospel? SATAN. who is showing up SO LATE IN THE GAME and making you doubt and worry NOW? SATAN. who laughs at your misery and wants to see you fail? SATAN. who will leave you FLAT ON YOUR FACE when you fall into his traps? SATAN.
don't let his lies discourage you
and remember who is fighting for your happiness.
who has felt every pain.
who knows who you are
and what you are going through.
who has a plan for you...
who paid the price for you and for me.
who is our brother,
our friend,
our Advocate with the Father,
our Savior,
Jesus Christ.
my love for Him deepens every day that I'm here.
I know that He lives.
I know that this is His gospel.
I feel so lucky to be serving Him
and working to build up the kingdom.
nothing has required more of me and
i absolutely love it.
i love you all. i can't wait for this weekend.
general conference.
"its like a world series sorta thing" my world.
sister ramsey

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