Monday, January 13, 2014

missionary B&E

helllllllllllllllo fam bam
this week we had a new missionary meeting for sister james and the missionaries in her transfer and it was really great. we watched a video from Elder Holland and my goodness... that man just gets it. if i ever make it to the celestial, i wanna knock on the door of his celestial mansion and tell him . T H A N K . Y O U . seriously.
then after our meeting, i got to go on exchanges and stay in twin falls for the night! it was awesome. we had a couple different teaching appointments and i remembered that i love teaching with no pressure, haha. it was a nice reminder that i need to keep being m y s e l f and not get into a rut of trying to be a perfect teacher or missionary, but just to be me with the people we're teaching in Mountain Home, too. the Lord has given each of us gifts and talents and we need to remember to use them.
but the fun part about the exchange was i got to stay in this v i l l a of a home. haha it was a circular shaped house and so vintage and the detail in the architecture was so incredible! i loved every part of it! i got to stay on the third floor in this princess diaries-like chamber. spiral staircase and all. in the comfiest kind size bed. it was the best. and the owner was from the island of "man" which is right next to England. she had my favorite accent and i just loved her!
awkward moment of our exchange?
we drive to another sisters' house to go check up on them because one of them was admitted to the hospital the night prior... sister nettles (my comp for the day) pulls up to the house and says "haha, check me out. i got here without a GPS and I've only been here twice." so we go up to the front door, she knocks, and then starts to walk into the house to go find the sick sisters. we're greeted by dogs, so we're petting them and then we look up and see this man in a beanie, all tatted-up, and sis nettles goes "we came to attack the sisters, are they down stairs?" he replies (with the nastiest look on his face) "um. this house doesn't have a basement. and I have NO IDEA who you people are." hahahahah #thisisawk #soawkward so sister nettles doesn't say a thing and walks out. then he says, "you're lucky i'm not an angry black man." haha WHAT? um. i'm sorry. this is awkward. don't look at our name tag. hahahah i died. seriously could not stop laughing. being a missionary is so freakin funny sometimes.
this week I've thought a lot about love, obedience, faith, and hope. i don't know half of what i need to but i'm trying to understand. sometimes i think we expect more from this life then what it's designed. heavenly father wants us to be happy in this life, but he also asks us to have faith, which means we don't have a perfect knowledge. we don't get everything. we're here to be tested and we're here to be taught. we are here to prepare to meet our God, face to face. if we do what He's asked us to in this life, the "perfect life" without pain and hardship... the life that we all want nowwill be ours for the eternities.
there is no LOVE where there is no SACRIFICE.
love you all.
sister ramsey

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